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cheap digital camera needed


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I love my Canon digital Elph. It is about the size of a credit card. And about 1/2 inch thick. It fits into pockets real well. It runs under $200. My husband and I bought one three years ago and it has held up through hiking, camping, and countless outings. Sometimes you can get a package that includes a photo printer.

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I need an inexpensive digital camera for geocaching and fishing. It needs to be fairly small with a zoom. Any ideas?



A price range would help.

THere are a lot a decent D cameras in the $125.00-$175.00 and those to many people are low priced.

If that is to much to spend, try e-bay or craigs list.

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I just got an e-mail today that Circuit City is having a sale on a Sony Cybershot camera for $149. Sonystyle.com has a Cybershot 7.2 megapixel for $129.


I just got a sony dsc s-730 for 116 at circuit city. YOu need a memory card but they had the 2 gig one for half off. My friend has a higher end sony, I just wanted one for geocaching and hiking and stuff and didn't want to spend much as I have gotton a lot of new toys lately. I origionally was thinking of something from kodak or canon but that was the cheapest one that still had decent features. It's pretty neat!


It takes 2 AA batteries which is nice because one of my new toys was a charger and eesop batteries from thompson distribution. I also have some other AA batteries that did not perform well but I think that cool charger can revive them. I will have plenty of batteries so if they don't last long it's not big deal.

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I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-S60 that I've really liked. I also do a lot of fishing and this model has a nice waterproof shell that can be had for about $30 now on ebay. The shell also fits the DSC-S90 model, which is nearly identical but it has a larger lcd and comes with rechargeable batteries. It's a 4MP camera and It's been a great little camera. It's also a good camera for short little video clips - it takes movies at 30 frames per second. I haven't priced the camera itself on ebay lately, but the model is a few years old, so you can get it pretty cheaply. I once 'upgraded' to one of the newer cybershots (a 7 MP camera) and didn't like it as well as this one so I took it back to the store. It didn't feel as solidly built and had less features that I considered more important than megapixels. Go for the DSC-S90 model for the larger LCD. If/when I need to get another point-and-shoot camera, I'd buy this same camera in a heartbeat. You can check out all it's features at Steve'sDigicams.com - it also received a great review there.

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I need an inexpensive digital camera for geocaching and fishing. It needs to be fairly small with a zoom. Any ideas?




I have a number of the Canon A series and agree they are very good cameras. I picked up a Nikon L11 for around $90 at Wal-Mart and it does fine in good lighting but it is very weak for night use. I wanted the Nikon for the size. I find that it fits in my shirt pocket better than the Canon A series, but for overall quality the Nikon takes a distant second place.


Everyone has their owe preferences. For me, a camera should use AA batteries (I use rechargeables) that I can swap in the field if needed and a good SD card. I ignore the digital zoom ratings but optical zoom is a plus.


I like to check out this site before making my move.


Hope this helps.

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