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In the mood for something sweet!


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I won??? WOW!!! Thank you Naomi!!!! :D


I will send you my address right now! Both posts I wrote were about very special Easters! :D


I am happy that you laughed!! :blink: Ok, when I lived this I was not laughing, but now I am! I feel a little bad for saying bad words and to start rain, but I really didn't expect this to happen!!! :)


Thank you all , Thank you Geoerror too! Yes! THis is a great and unique picture! Konstantinos Karamanlis (the old one - not the one we have now), was one of the greatest Greek politicians after dictatorship we had! He is the one who put us in the EU, in 1981!

I managed to find how pictures are posted here!!! :D I am so happy with that!! :D


Congratulations to Tsun and Cinema for winning too!!! :D

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Derschlings, you are too funny, lol!


I'll be getting these packages out tomorrow, today I've got the job interview and am just too ummm.... heck, I don't know the word, lol!


I really did enjoy reading all of these, though, and I wish with all my heart I could afford to send a little chocolate to everyone who posted here!


Naomi :anibad:

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biggie congrats to all!

OKAY Gatoulis... everyone here on the forums wants YOU to pick 6 numbers... between 1-60.

Just pick 'em and post 'em...

let the Lotto do the rest



Do you realy think so?


Hmm....shall I play lotto too? Here I only have to choose numbers from 1 to 49! :anibad:

Well, for sure, this never hapent to me before!!!

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Today I received the Coin (It is such a beautiful micro!!!) and a pack of chocolate candy! WOW! These are yammies!!!! :ph34r:


Naomi thank you so much!!! I sended you an email too, but I do not know if you got it!

I am facing with a problem with my emails! Many of them are comming back as blocked! some of my friends are not receiving my emails, even if they are expecting them!

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