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Cache Sizes

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When I go out caching for micros I am finding more and more of these are becoming smaller than the average 35mm film cannister; some are the size of dog tags (the round cylinder type).


Would it be possible to have the cache sizes go to nano as the smallest size instead of micro, thus then when we all go out to find these cahces we know the size we are looking for.


Want do you all think?

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I say no just because it would encourage people to hide more nano's. Before any one goes off about that, let me explain a bit. To me when you are hiding a cache a certian size is approate for the area. Like a mile hike back into the woods where no one ever goes is perfect for a larger container because it's less likely to be muggled. A small busy park is a approate place for a smaller type container because muggles are less likley to find it. But the going rate trend is just taking a small container (I'm guess cause they are usually inexpensive) and using that no matter what. The whole idea of swag is disappearing because none fits in these little containers.


For example when I take my son out caching with me I have to look up and see if it's a container that is big enough to hold swag. If not we pass it up. Cause to him it all about what treasures we may find inside. We take our bag of swag and trade things and he always so excited to some mom what neat things we found.


I can see the postive side of listing a new smaller size but I really think it would just keep the latest trend going.


And yes I have found ton's of "needle in a haystack type caches". But I seem to wonder why on some of them would someone use a tiny container when a larger one would work great.


And yes there is a smaller container out there than the "blinkys".

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