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  1. contactez le reviewer de votre cache.
  2. The list page is still very slow. Upto now I don't see any advantage in this change...
  3. Back to top doesn't work here either. Don't you guys try yourself before releasing ?
  4. Great suggestion, I have an ignorelist of several pages (even more now as only 500 can be displayed) but there is no direct link to each page... My first reaction when I saw this 'new' list page, gosh, it's slow. then I tried checking a box, gosh it's slow. Then I tried deleting the selected, gosh it's unclear and slow. Then I moved to the second page (of 500 caches, not 1000), gosh that was slow. Selected again, yeah indeed very slow, deleted again, slow and unclear interface... and gone back to page 1, great design. I'm very sorry, but change and evolution should be improving, in this case it's only going backwards.
  5. I can't find that macro anywhere. Kris
  6. I don't think the language is a barrier in this case... but it's gone as it was, that still is the result. Kris
  7. The website is gone, I think it's over and out but if we, the users, can do something to make it come back, I'm in.
  8. I noticed last night that GDAK was not in the list of apps that I gave authority for on the GC site. I'm wondering if Wout would revert his decision if GC changed their opinion (or if it makes sense to take action towards GC)
  9. If that is indeed the dispute, it's disgusting.
  10. uiteindelijk is het maar een statistiekje meer maar wij kregen zelfs ooit een vraag van een cachelegger of we geen favo wilden geven aan een cache die jaren voor het uitvinden van de favorietpunten gevonden hadden. Het is maar wat je belangrijk vindt. Kris
  11. Wat is er aan de hand met geocaching.be en de bijhorende vzw ? de site is eerder deze week down gegaan. Kris
  12. Is er ergens een kaart beschikbaar van de gebieden die door ANB worden beheerd ? Kris
  13. Overhere same thing: no stats and no caches on the map. Was this ever beta-tested ? I remember an item on the feedback pages that stated that updates are better betatested and that a lot of people would be volunteering to betatest, what happened to that idea ? Kris
  14. Same thing here, changed to Basic Member without any notice. kris&an
  15. Mine doesn't have a problem, but if I start the player it comes up with the turning wheel (waiting icon) and after a while it stops turning and the only option is a soft reset. Kris
  16. I gave it another try today but it still freezes my P3300. so how did you do it ? Kris
  17. Indeed and it would be great to have access to older versions of the player and keep track of which version is tested and working on which device. But it indeed looks like the bigger goal is to get us all to buy a new Garmin device. Kris
  18. Did you test the P3300 with WM5 or WM6 ? It used to work on WM5 on mine, but since I upgraded the OS to WM6 it doesn't work anymore. Kris
  19. I also get an error message 'gps not found' at first but when I continue it seems to find it anyway. It looks to me that The first try wakes up the GPS device and the second time it get's detected. Kris
  20. I just downloaded and installed Ver 2.0.4907.4007 Date 7/03/08 12:13 Engine Version 2.11 GPS settings COM4/4800Bd and working fine on the HTC P3300/Artemis ! Thanks to Groundspeak to release this manual settings version ! Kris
  21. The HTCP3300 seems a strange one when it comes to GPS interface, I don't remember the details but there seems to be a bit unset where is it set in all other devices. Kris
  22. Is the Orbit the same as HTC Artemis and HTC P3300 ? Kris
  23. I don't have Comcast, that's for sure. And I'll try to put them every two days to check wether that might be the solution, I'll let you know. Kris
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