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Normally I don't put a lot of weight on Wikipedia, the encyclopedia where anybody can post an opinion.... but sometimes it has its uses.


Prior usages of muggle

The word "muggle" or "muggles" occurred in several contexts prior to its appearance in the Harry Potter novels. Arranged in chronological order, these include:


"Muggle" as the name of the antagonist in Lewis Carroll's 1854 short story "Wilhelm von Schmitz."

"Muggles" as a slang term for marijuana in the 1920s and 1930s, associated with the jazz scene.[2]

Muggles, a tune recorded by Louis Armstrong and his orchestra in 1928.

"Muggles" used in a 1946 book Raggedy Ann in the Snow White Castle.[3]

"Muggles", a character from Carol Kendall's first Minnipins novel The Gammage Cup (1959).[4]

"Muggle" used once to refer to a spliff in Zap Comics No. 0 (published 1971).

"Muggles", a race in "RAH" (later retitled "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles"), a 1984 book by Nancy Stouffer. Stouffer claimed that she owned the trademark for the word "muggle" and sued Rowling and her publishers. In 2002, the case was dismissed.[5]

"Muggle-Wumps", a family of monkeys in "The Twits", a novel by Roald Dahl first published in 1980.[6]

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While all of us monkeys have read all of the Harry Potter books we don't use the term muggles in reference to the rest of the world. Being the superior simians that monkeys are we simply think of the rest of you as simple humans *Grin*

Beings that think they are superior irritate those of us who are superior!







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