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  1. My my my my my...! Geo-Auditing, are you kidding? Where will you take a violator, to Geo-Court? C'mon, lets get real here. WAAAAAY to anal!!!!
  2. Yeesh...! I guess some folks want to be told exactly where each cache is located so they don't have to think or develop seeking skills. I have a very good GPS unit but I make it a point to post coords that are "approximate" so seekers have to expend a little effort to locate my caches. They have to think a little, look for indications that others have been there before them. Maybe someone needs to find another hobby for awhile, eh?
  3. Lately I have noticed the tendency, by players, toward compromising the integrity of found caches. I find caches wilt lids left off, contents plundered or spilled out, containers tossed on the ground or in the brush rather than reset into place as found, etc. I'm not talking about nonplayers (Muggles), I'm talking about geocachers acting carelessly and not respecting the game. Lets take care to maintain the integrity of each cache we find by: * Making sure its well secured before you reset it carefully back into its proper hiding spot. * Replace filled log sheets with blank sheets. * Empty out any water, dirt, vegitation, or other foreign matter. * Only take something if you have another item of equal interest or value to exchange. Taking a few extra minutes to maintain the integrity of each cache we find will serve to ehhance the game for ourselves and others.
  4. R&T4SURE


    I see the term "muggles" used to describe non-cachers and others who might disturb a cache. I believe the proper spelling would be "mughals". The Mughals were a tribe of Persian marauders.
  5. I'd be really careful asking any DC Parks Dept. worker anything. I heard they killed and ate a geocacher named "Berliner", just last month, when they found him hiding another of his too numerous micro-caches in a small park in Winston. Beware!
  6. Thanks to all who replied to my first post on "disparity trading". I received some very interesting and thought provoking responses from some of you and some really no-brain idotic ones from others. While I agree that it really makes little difference if cachers trade equally or not, the general idea I was hoping would come across is to perpetuate the fun of the game. Most people enjoy finding tradable items in caches and it enhances the overall fun of the game. However, others prefer not to trade items and just sign the log. Some prefer to go on line and run up their find tally to impress others. Some never record their finds and play the game for the pure enjoyment of finding caches. To each his own, as it should be. Will disparity trading make any difference as to how I play the game in the future? Probably not. I enjoy hiding and seeking caches, trading items regardless of their value, and getting to see places I most likely would not have had the opportunity to enjoy had I not taken up this hobbie in the first place. I hope all of you continue to enjoy the game as much as I do and that you will help others ejoy it too. Thanks again for the responses!
  7. Is it just me or has anyone else in the Northwest area noticed that your fellow geocachers seem to be taking good stuff out of your caches and leaving junk in its place? Example: I have initiated several different ammobox type caches with good items of some value. I have cached such items as mini flashlights, first-aid kits, travel bugs, "Where's George?" dollar bills, software, a working "Gameboy" unit, slingshots, cans of insect repellent, packages of incence, and an assortment of other handy and useful items. Upon return return, sometime later for cache maintainence, I find my caches have been plundered...not by non-cachers but by players who take the good stuff and leave junk in trade. I've found rubberbands, rocks, used up BIC lighters, old scratch-it tickets, broken toys, opened (unused) condoms, broken seashells, and lots of other useless and valueless crap! C'mon guys, this is supposed to be a fun game where you help make it fun for others too. Don't rip-off the cache for your sole enjoyment! If you're going to take something, leave something of equal or greater value. Please, think of others and help make our game more fun.
  8. I've found that kids and caches just don't seem to mix well. I tried leaving mine in a cache once and all they did was complain. They complained about being hungry, they complained they were bored, they complained they needed to go to the bathroom. Complain, complain, complain! I tried to convince them they were having fun and should be happy they had parents who included them in outdoor activities. I told them that some nice person may eventually come along and feed them or even adopt them. Still they complained! I don't know about you, but I've had it with trying to enjoy geocaching with kids.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to contact anyone who might be familier with "Coasties". Since they moved to Connecticut, several of their planted cashes here in Coos County, Oregon, require maintenance and TLC. I have e-mailed them directly, indirectly, through family members, posted to the GS national forum, etc. Guess I'll just adopt them and not worry about it.
  10. <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Hi, You're probably getting alot of advice on this topic, but I wanted to add my two cents to help out. Kayaking, like so many other sports these days, has become "high-tech" and there are a myriad of good boats available. Sounds like you have decided what you want to do with it, now you must decide what type of boat will best fit your needs? If you want to do serious voyaging on flat water, you will need one with sufficient storage space, flotation, speed, stability, and ease of paddling to handle larger bodies of water. For day trips, gunkholing, and the like, it is less important to have a long narrow boat. Something a little shorter and wider, with a large cockpit that is easy to get in and out of, works well. My suggestion is to borrow or rent several different types or styles of boat to see what works best for you. I have found that buying a kayak is like buying a pair of shoes, you'll know when you find the one that fits right. Stick with a name brand manufacturer. They are still in business because they usually have good working designs, selection, and quality. You can find really good used boats and save lots of money. Hope this helps out some. Good luck! Rick [/font]</span>
  11. Has anyone out there had contact with "Coasties" recently? Thay moved to Connecticut from Oregon and the caches they planted need maintenance. I have tried, several times, to contact them via e-mail for permission to adopt and maintain their cashes in my home county. If anyone can get ahold of them please have them get in contact with me (R&T4SURE) via direct e-mail at rico3151@peoplepc.com or through geocaching.com. Thanks!
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