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Cool Travel Bug Pics!


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Hey Everyone!

now i just bought my first travel bug and i cannot figure out what to attach it to so i need some good ideas! post pics of you favorite and most creative travel bug finds. But also, show somw of the worst too, so i know what to look out for!


thanks, bell-can-tell :)


When I first started, I thought LEGO keychains might be fun!


I dropped two on the same vacation trip, and they got picked up the day after I dropped them. And one was never ever ever heard from again (well over a year now). The other is still going. So LEGO keychains are a coin toss..... :)





Of course there's always your car...



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Here are some of the most interesting TBs I have found in caches...





HOCKEY PUCK TB (after I took it for a skydive)



LIL' BUZZER TB - a bag of Leggo parts that finders are supposed to put together in a new way





RUBICK'S CLOCK TB - a puzzle with a TB tag on it



And here's a few of the more interesting TBs I've sent out...

CHAIN LIGHTNING - made from some motorcycle chain from my sportbike






USPA SKYDIVE BUG - made from a USPA keychain



Sorry for the long post and all the pictures. Maybe there's an idea or two for you in there.


Blue skies and happy caching!

Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

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I cant help but like my "Just Say No To Paperless caching" TB (TB1CN9G)!!!




Current GOAL: This bug's mission is to raise awareness about the dangers of paperless caching! Which is that paperless caching, geocaching with out TOILET PAPER, can lead to serious injury! Including but not limited to "Poison Ivy Crack", "Monkey's Butt", and/or "Rectal Pressure Ring Failure" due to holding it too long! It would like to take its message to Norfolk, Nebraska area to visit BBM&J (They got me started in caching) and then take this message of warning to the world! Please take pictures of its many adventures but pictures of paperless caching injures are not necessary


About this item:

This Travel Bug's hitch hiker is my old Palm IIIx which served me well for many years of selling cars. It also contained the King James Bible so that I could read it when ever I had a spare moment. It finally succumb to one too many falls and died. It did not ever get to go caching! There is no need to try to rob any parts because while it was apart to put the info sheet in side I drilled holes in the circuit boards and chips! Enjoy and please keep it moving!


Oh yea! The spot on the screen of the palm is a picture of Mr. Wipple holding a pack of charmin!

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I had been thinking about a travelbug that was ever changing. I attached the tag to a chameleon toy, and wrote up a tag that said people could keep what the tag was attached to if they wanted to, as long as they attached the tag to something new and then released it. It hasn't been out there very long yet, but it has been fun seeing what people change the bug to. I love that people are willing to play along!


Chameleon travel bug

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