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  1. Small article, but it was in our paper today. I think I may need to try some caching around Boyd Lake. http://coloradoan.com/apps/pbcs.dll/articl...ENTERTAINMENT06
  2. Congratulations! On the win AND the beautiful baby!
  3. I had been thinking about a travelbug that was ever changing. I attached the tag to a chameleon toy, and wrote up a tag that said people could keep what the tag was attached to if they wanted to, as long as they attached the tag to something new and then released it. It hasn't been out there very long yet, but it has been fun seeing what people change the bug to. I love that people are willing to play along! Chameleon travel bug
  4. Thank you very much for the reply. The Nuvi 350 looks like it might be a good option. I appreciate your links as well!
  5. Thinking about buying FIL a GPS for the holidays. (Would be a few siblings going together on it.) He does a lot of off-roading in the mountains with his truck, and would probably mainly use it for that. He would probably use it mainly in a single state, not all over the country. I have an etrex legend for caching, but really know nothing about what I should be looking for in GPS-R that will mainly be used in a vehicle. If possible, we'd like to keep the cost somewhere around $500, although somewhat higher would be ok. I have done some online searching, and read a number of reviews, etc., but nothing beats hearing from people with experience. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Well her shirt is accurate- she sure is a cutie!
  7. Fort Collins. But we go to Colorado Springs fairly often to visit family.
  8. Cool job! Do you work at Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo? Haven't been there in awhile. I need to take the kids next summer! Teacher here. Gives you summers to geocache!
  9. Those pictures are amazing. (So was the bear's view!) Thanks for sharing the article. Glad the bear is ok!
  10. Not the most expensive, but my favorite one! The Mom-Mobile
  11. I'm usually somewhere between D&G. I'm not hunting paperless yet, and I don't print out the logs to take with me, so I generally glance down at the logs to see if there is a long row of DNFs. If it looks like it will be a more difficult cache, I will read a few of the logs to see what people said about it. Only once so far did the logs I read give the cache away to me.
  12. Wow- that is just bizarre looking! But really interesting. I'd be afraid to walk under that thing for fear some giant mutant spider was up there.
  13. I don't have nearly as many to choose from as most of you, but I have 2 that stand out. One was a multi that started out with a puzzle, involved going to a few different places, and ended up with a difficult find. It took us 3 tries and a hint to find it, but it was really fun. I learned a lot about caching on that one, and I don't think we will ever drive past the area where we found the final stage without remarking "that's where that really difficult one was...!" The other was last summer, on our 17th anniversary. We hired a babysitter and went on a long hike in the mountains. The cache was a nice enough one, but it was just a beautiful day, a really nice hike, and a great way to spend an anniversary.
  14. As a parent of young children, I just wanted to comment on the movie rating aspect. I don't see why it would matter if there were R rated movies, or PG13, or whatever. As long as there weren't X rated movies in the cache, I think anything else would be fine. Just like with any other swag, if families with young kids visit, they may be more likely to take/leave a kid's movie (or in another cache, a toy), but I don't think a child looking in a cache with a rated R movie in it is any different than a child walking through the video rental store on his way to the kid's section. Mom and dad can just say no to any movie they think is inappropriate for their own kids.
  15. Just to add to the above responses, I always have a bag of swag in our geocaching backpack, and I have told my kids that they can take an item from the cache and then replace it with an equal item from my bag, or they can just choose an item from my bag. Either way they get to choose something, making caching that much more fun to them; and either way the cache is left with as many items as we found it with.
  16. Pardon my serial posting. This is the one I mentioned: GCV1E1 " Choose your own adventure cache ". http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-ed463ddd8667 Sounds similar to what you are thinking of doing. Good luck with yours.
  17. I've driven or biked between stages. I think if it involved driving great distances (between towns, or further) I would be far less likely to do it. But in town? Sure. Like others said, though, you will probably get less traffic. I started one particular multi cache here that involves puzzles at each stage, and distances between each stage. It sounds similar to what you are planning, with each stage having a puzzle that you can complete while around the site, or that you can take home to work on and then return to find the next stage. While I haven't yet completed it, it seems to get found somewhat regularly.
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