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  1. I took all my caches and made them "Premium Member Only". They stopped getting muggled...
  2. Just a reminder that the Cache Across America series is still alive and active! You can see the full list of caches here: https://coord.info/BM21GBP
  3. Add the caches to a list. Download Garmin Express. Connect GPS. Then go to your lists and you'll have an option to send list to GPS.
  4. I've tried on a couple of different computers now and gotten the same result. When clicking on the "View In Google Earth" link on a TB's page I get the following message: "Open of file "C:\Users\Todd\AppData\Local\Temp\4b621c8f-35a4-49bc-b223-053a17330594-1.kml" failed: Parse error at line 10, column 236: not well-formed (invalid token)" Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. There's this cache: https://coord.info/GC44D2
  6. Ever hear of the "Cache Across America" series? One cache in each state with a code. Find all 50, use the codes to solve a puzzle and find the final in Washington DC. The caches: https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=9bbb6655-e2ef-459b-80f6-66a9decd9d41 The final: https://coord.info/GC12E08 The series have been completed by 33 people so far.
  7. I was having problems with my caches disappearing. So I made them all "Premium Member Only" caches. They don't get as many finds, but they stopped getting stolen. And since I use ammo cans & "Rite-in-the-Rain" notebooks, replacing a cache isn't cheap. I spend $100 a month on a gym membership I rarely use. So $30 a year for something I use several times a month seems pretty worth it.
  8. Saw this one on a 4.5 difficulty cache: "Found it Well, sort of. SAW it, but could not get to it. Maybe another time...." From a cacher with 207 "finds".
  9. We frequently encounter moose. The worse though is when a hidden ptarmigan that has been quietly sitting along in the brush along the trail suddenly takes off in flight just as you walk past, exploding in a burst of noise. Talk about a heart attack...
  10. Have you read the placement guidelines: https://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#coordinates "You must visit the cache location and obtain the coordinates with a GPS device." Coordinates obtained with an iPhone are not going to be accurate.
  11. I've got a compact Fisher Space pen that lives in my pocket. And on my car key ring is a small Swiss Army knife with a built in ink pen.
  12. This is also getting some discussion on the subreddit for geoaching.
  13. Unfortunately it happens. There are steps that can be taken to avoid it. I took my caches to Premium Member Only and that cut down on a lot of it. I also had one placed with permission at a park. But the neighbor across the street didn't like people actually using the park. So when he figured out why people where going there, he stole 3 caches in a row before I got smart and moved the hide. I've also got an ammo can chained to a tree to keep it in place. A lot of my hides are not in spots where a muggle is going to stumble upon them.
  14. In June 2005 we had a special guest speaker at our church's young adult service. Before service we were playing around on the computer. Google had recently launched it's satellite view and we were geeking out over it. The guest speaker started telling us about the "game" he'd just learned about and had us go to Geocaching.com . We saw there was some caches in our area and he suggested afterwards we go find one. So we did service and everyone hung out for awhile. By now it's almost 11pm. We go to take the guest speaker to his lodging and he reminds us about finding a cache. It's late, but its summer in Alaska, so it's still light out. So off we go. A half mile walk into the woods and we bag our first cache; a well hid ammo can. The next day I was responsible for keeping him entertained, so we headed off to find some more caches. He had a Garmin GPS and we bagged three more finds. A few nights later we were at the store and they had a Magellan GPS on sale. So we bought it and did a few more finds. The next weekend was the 4th of July weekend. We hadn't been loving the Magellan, so we swung by and got a Garmin. We used them both side by side and returned the Magellan. Now, 11 years later we have almost 1,100 finds. We go in spurts on caching activity. But we love it. For the wife it gets her mind off of work, family, etc.
  15. Can I ask: why would you want to bring me to a mall? Geocaches should bring you some place interesting or scenic or along a great hike or walk. Seems like these days only about 30% of the caches being hid meet this description.
  16. Holy cow, that's awesome. I've got a microwave cache, but it's just a microwave under a log. Yours is so much more creative!
  17. The whole point of PMO is to exclude people. The unwashed masses so to speak. I know if I put out an expensive cache I would not want it available on the "Intro" app. As there are too many young children and teenagers that run amuck and will destroy it. That's the nature of children. They're just not very careful with things that are not theirs. Some grownups as well...lol. If people are REALLY invested in the hobby, they will pay up the money to get access to the premium caches. So it's a win for everyone but the owners of the Intro app geocaches that get destroyed. Ditto
  18. We use geocaching as an excuse to get off the couch and get moving. Did 6 miles yesterday to hit 8 caches. Did four miles the weekend before. Over all, I'm down about 50 pounds....
  19. I use a Maxpedition gearslinger. You can add or remove pouches as you like. Being a gearslinger, I can rotate around to the front of me to access pockets without having to take it off and put on the wet/muddy/snowy ground. They ain't cheap... But super high quality. http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/Sling-Bags-c37.htm
  20. I'm a cache owner and awhile back my caches starting disappearing. I changed them all to "Premium Members Only" and the thefts stopped. My caches are ammo cans or pelican cases, my log books are "Rite in the Rain" notepads and I launch them with swag in them. So I've got at least $20 into each cache. I got tired of spending $20 each time some newbie decided to walk away with my cache.
  21. I was going to suggest some caches out near Red Rock, but then I saw you won't have a rental car... Have you thought about renting a car for a day?
  22. I cache in a lot of places with no cell reception...
  23. I've had less theft problems when I made all my caches Premium Member Only. The one that got stolen the most is my Cache Across America cache, so I chained it to a tree...
  24. AKStafford


    I use the Groundspeak App on my iPhone and a Garmin 62S GPS.
  25. The Westmark is in downtown Anchorage. There's several caches around. Actually, looking at the list, there's quite a few I haven't done yet... Looks like I need to plan some caching the next time I get into town... In Denali, I'm guessing you'll be staying in Glitter Gulch. There's a couple of caches there along the walking path. There's several earthcaches in the park entrance area.
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