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How do I change forum time zone??

My posts are about 4 hrs behind



Go to "My Controls" (top of page) then "Board Settings" (bottom left) then set the time


It's amazing.......


I didn't know that either and had been thinking I was stuck with what it was.


Wouldn't you have thunk a group of people seemingly sorta, kinda, halfway tech savvy would have had enough sense to know that wouldn't you?


Oh Well!!!!

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As crazy as it sounds, I used to think I was kinda smart until I started comming here.

Now I have to learn:

PQ's, GSAK, Cachemate, How to log, and the list goes on....I did buy the idiots guide to geocaching, and I am still an idiot.

I intend to leave it in a cache when I am finished with it, hope someone wants it..

Keep asking/searching and the knowledge will come


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