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  1. !) Make sure your life insurance is paid up "before" you go in case you either get bitten, or more likely in my case, DFO when you see said snake. (Definition of DFO = D one F ell O out) 2) Pay attention to rule #1
  2. That's good to know! I usually use Duracells, and while I've not had any problem, your story did cause me to get up and remove the Duracells from my GPS and place them in the bottom of my pack until I go caching again. Probably a good habit to get into anyway.
  3. Thanks folks!! Now if I can only learn to use this thing generally and in particular for caching. My fingers are crossed!!
  4. I want to ask a, to some folks, dumb question if I may?? Which operating system came first and in which order? PPC 2002 PPC 2003 Windows Mobile 5 I recently bought a Dell X50V on Ebay. In the description it said it had PPC 2003, but when I got it and looked in it last night, it said it was Windows Mobile 5. I just looked at Dell's site in an effort to find this question out for myself, but my non-tech mind was not able to do so. So I'm "hoping" some person that's a whole lot more tech savvy than I can help me with this. Thanks for your time....... Barney
  5. Something like that should be turned over to the police. Why??
  6. Can't really recommend, or not recommend, right now, but I've got an X50V Dell PDA coming. In fact, it "might" be here today. Hear that UPS????? But it's color, wifi, etc. among some other things. The color and wifi were two of the main draws for me. Not the only ones, but good ones. I'll be learning how to use it and how well it performs. From what I've read, it should do a good job. Plenty of them available on Ebay in the mid 60-70 dollar range with an occasional high 50 sale.
  7. Thank you very much!! I have it now!! The PDA/X50V I have coming is "supposed" to have Pocket PC 2003. At least, the description on Ebay said so. We'll see I guess. Thanks again!!
  8. I've had GPX Sonar suggested to me as a program to use on my PDA for caching. In trying to find it to download, the link I found seems to be either broken or no longer active. Don't know which. It's not listed on geocaching.com under resources. I don't know if all that means it's no longer available or not. Does anyone have an answer for this question?? Thanks for your time........
  9. Software/Hardware, etc. recommendation/s for Dell X50V used with GPS Map60CX?? I've got a Dell X50V coming and want to start assembling the needed software/hardware to optimize it's use. To that end, I'd be interested in hearing what you would recommend for this. And why, or why not, to use something in particular. Money of course is alway a consideration, but is not the defining factor in all cases. In otherwords, if it's a reasonable amount and I can justify it in my mind then.................!! I await your thoughts!! Thanks!!!!
  10. Funny that the powers that be would not do something about this if it impairs server ability. They have surely not allowed you to search with a search string of fewer than 5 characters claiming that doing so impairs server function. Sounds like it's time for a server upgrade. Doesn't it??
  11. I tried the Google option and it does work. To a degree! What it also does is truncate/shorten the titles of the specific message in the forum if it goes beyond some unknown length. So what you end up with is a listing of titles of messages with possibly a shortened title if said title is too long by Google's standards. Better that what Groundspeak will let it's own search function in the forums that you are searching in the first place do, but still less than stellar. I'm sorry, but it still strikes me in a bad way that as technically adept as I expect Groundspeak et. al. is/are that there's not some way this Mickey Mouse arrangement can't be rectified.
  12. Let's see if I get this the way you intended! You figure you are going to get complaints either way you go, so restricting search terms is designed to elicit the least number of complaints?? As in the servers will only do so much and to allow them to search terms of fewer than 5 characters would tax it too much so as to cause it's overall performance to suffer?
  13. Can/Will someone tell me the reasoning behind the not allowing search terms in the forums with words of less than 5 or less characters? I'm sure there is one, but I can't figure out what it is. Sure makes it hard to search for certain threads like PDA, x50v, etc. Thanks
  14. Thanks. Where do I find a link for that forum (aside from this post, of course)? Two lines below the one for this forum in the discussion list.
  15. I set myself up for instant notifications and at this point have "never" gotten one. Could be my radius is too narrow.... I don't know. I need to check I guess. But I've never, ever gotten one!! ??
  16. In looking over the information for an M500, I read the system requirements, etc. as it relates to operating systems. I'm running XP Pro on my computer. Has anyone had any experience with this OS? How does it work if you have??
  17. But did you log it since "technically it wasn't a geocoin?"
  18. First let me say I'm no TB guru!! But, I've read here more than once that it sometimes takes a while for it to move. The person that took it may be behind on logging, or they may not have dropped it off yet. Good Luck!!
  19. I, from time to time, visit this possibility myself. Presently, I copy into a stenographer's notebook all the pertinent information and hints. It'd be nice to download it and have it in an easily readable format. I read postings about the "deals" people have supposedly gotten on used devices, but when I go looking on Ebay, etc. I never seem to find the "deal" that others have gotten. All that could be my looking for too high of a level of PDA, or something. So, what I'd like to ask is which used PDAs work best to get all the cache information onto it. Maybe then I can adjust my "wants" down to something in line with what I "think" is an acceptable price. Thanks
  20. There is probably no hard and fast rule/law on this type of thing. Is it being used as it was designed as in the case of a camera being attached to a tree in an an accepted manner. Is it there legally I.E. was permisson granted for the placement? How long has it been there? Can the alleged owner identified? Is there a name, address, and/or phone number posted on it? Is the owner willing and able to go to court to testify each and every time there's a court proceeding connected to the alleged theft? Just to name a few considerations that I could see coming up in a theoretical theft. If the answer to any of these, and/or others, is no, then why is it no. Just a few things a judge is going to take into consideration if it comes to a hearing, or for that matter a prosecutor is going to look at before even making a decision whether or not to pursue a case. If a prosecutor isn't reasonably sure they can "win a case" they probably won't proceed forward with it. It's ultimately their call and not that of the alleged owner.
  21. Looking at/thinking about some Rubbermaid style locking containers to use since they have them on the shelf at the local grocery store near my house. I've seen them mentioned twice here with one person actually using that brand. That one person seemed to have no problems with them. Are there "any more" users of Rubbermaid lock/lock containers that would like to weigh in one way or the other about them before I buy some??
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