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  1. OK, thanks fot the tip but it still doesn't show me as a preimum member. The web site does though and I can run PQ's
  2. Is this possibly the reason this forum doesn't show me as a preimum member?? Forum user name: shadowrider127 Geocaching.com username: Outdoorlover127 If so how do I fix it so I show prem member on forum??
  3. That may be the diff, I don't use mine to go by road, i keep mine on offroad. Next time I go out I will make sure of how I am setting up, but pretty sure it works this way. I usually (so far) know the route to get there by road, so no need road section help.
  4. It will change automatically!!!!! When you start looking for the cache, say starting from home you click on the cache icon and then click on goto, it will go to the map first but as you get close, ,maybe 500' or so it will change to compass page.
  5. Thanks rattlebars, that worked. unfortunatly, there was not but one witin easy drive dist. Dennis
  6. I am a member!!!!!! It isn't showing as Preimum but I am, I am signed on also
  7. Sorry, I know this has been brought up, but I can't find it. I want to find caches in my area that are for members only, so please once again, 1 or more of you calm cool headed folks send me somewhere. Thanks again, Dennis Also for the Mods, can you have the search criteria to look in titles OR body?? That may help me,,who knows
  8. I think what you are looking for is how to use the AVG on your waymark page. I have the HCx Vista also and all you do is: Markwaypoint and then on the bottom left of the page you will see "Avg" Hit this button and lay the GPS down where you want the cache to be, wait 2 or 3 min's and it will give you your avg. you can also approach the cache from diff directions and write down the coords from each approach. I prefer the avg key. Hope this helps Dennis
  9. I read a post that said there is a new map where you can actually see a coins or bugs route. Where is this map? I can't find any info with search. Thanks, Dennis
  10. As crazy as it sounds, I used to think I was kinda smart until I started comming here. Now I have to learn: PQ's, GSAK, Cachemate, How to log, and the list goes on....I did buy the idiots guide to geocaching, and I am still an idiot. I intend to leave it in a cache when I am finished with it, hope someone wants it.. Keep asking/searching and the knowledge will come Dennis
  11. jeffster Thanks a lot, now I am set
  12. How do I change forum time zone?? My posts are about 4 hrs behind Dennis
  13. Thanks again for all the help, my main prob was I didn't have my owner ID, and it was hard to find, I did visit the GSAK forum and they got me through that part. I am now trying to work with filters so I am sure I will be back to visit here and GSAK. Miragee, I saved your tutorial so I may be able to do my filters without bothering anyone else. Again, Thanks very much Dennis
  14. Sorry, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to show #, please feel free to cancel post. I did find log area, but it sure doesn't look like Pic Thanks, Dennis
  15. I have aquired what I think is a travel coin: <tracking number removed by moderator>, how do I log it? Dennis
  16. Thanks for all the help. I cannot believe this is whipping me so bad. I finally got the 3 I wanted into my palm, (not sure how) I did use the bookmarks and it seemed to work better, just slower. I am now trying to find out how to filter!!!! I have 200 listed but when I filter by distance it says there are no waypoints entered, I am trying to use my location as GZ but ... Also, how to I change from KM to miles, I have been looking on GSAK forum but so far no info. Again thanks for all the help and if you know of a source link besides GSAK please let me know. Thanks, Dennis P.S. My Son and I did find the 3 I DL'ed
  17. Thanks for the help, I was able to get part by changing from coords, However.. I have loaded into GSAK 5 files, but only my finds, when I ran another PQ and previewed it looked fine. When I unzipped and tried to load into Gsak it had message: Totals Waypoints in file(s) loaded 0 Additional child waypoints not added because no matching parents 11 Show full change log Waypoints in each file 1594654-wpts.gpx (children) 11 There should have been 100 matches, not sure where the 11 came from Any help would be great, i'm about to pull the rest of my hair out!!! Dennis
  18. I just became a prem member and tried to run my 1st PQ However, when I try to review it says sorry none found, or something like that. I had it search for any within 100 mi of home coords, so I know there are plenty there. What am I doing wrong? Dennis
  19. Not trying to keep you from becomming a member but, I have been using Garmin.com and going to go geocache, it is linked to Seek geocache so it has the same as you will find here. You select all the ones you want on a page and click DL. Very easy. I am still using it for now, but when My Pilot M505 gets here I will sign up for premium Hope this helps Dennis
  20. Here are my findings after upgrading Vista HCx to 2.60 1. While using track log in vehicle, MPH is same as truck. ODO readings after 20 miles are 0.4 mi over the Trucks odo., not to bad for 20 miles I guess, could also be truck ODO?? 2. Walking less than 1.1 MPH and it will not read movement, however it will still lay the track properly. If you spped up it will sometimes add in the distance lost but not the time stopped, It will not always do this though. That is all I have found so far, not sure if this is good info or not. Dennis
  21. I can't find the GPS software 2.5 (firmware??) I used the webupdater but it only updated the software ersion to 2.5 GPS SW ver still =2.4 I looked for additional updates but none found. Thanks, Dennis
  22. I am very new but I would have to say, my Vista is geared toward Geocaching, very easy to DL Coords, while approching site instantly changes to compass with bearing and distance. For some reason I can't get it to find the darn things though.
  23. I DL the garminmapsearch but it wouldn't open. It says it doesn't know what program creaded it. When I copy to Map source it wouldn't copy, it said this is not a mapsource product. Will it open if I put it on my SD and put in GPS?? Or is something else wrong? Trying to put in on Vista HCx Thanks Dennis
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