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On the upper right hand corner of the cache page is a button that says "Log Your Visit" Click on that and select "Found It" from the pull down box (or Didn't Find It if that is the case).

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Here are some steps that should help you...


1. Visit geocaching.com and log in.

2. Visit the page for the geocache you found.

3. In the top-right corner of the page, click 'log your visit'.

4. From the 'Type of log' drop-down menu, select 'Found it'.

5. Enter the date of your find.

6. Enter any comments you wish to share with the owner and/or community regarding your find.

7. Select any trackable items that you dropped off in the cache with your find.

8. Click 'Submit log entry'.


Happy Caching! ;)

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I found a cache How do i put up that i did on the internet ;)


It almost sounds like you accidentally came across it, and then found this forum?

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