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  1. The TB would normally show as being in your inventory. That would give the cacher a clue that you had been out dropping off bugs and have not had a chance to catch up with your logs. If that was the case, they were not considerate. the TB was in my inventory until the other cacher picked it up before I could log it. (dropped it off on Saturday, was going to log it Sunday when I got back from my trip) Although I was a little bummed out, I figured that's how it was done because I'm relatively new (50 finds) and the other cacher had like 2000, so I figured they knew what they were doing. Oh well, no sleep lost, but I do like to log my TB's!
  2. If you had read all of the posts you would have seen that someone had indeed suggested the use of PQ. I was the #2 post or the first reply. How could people already suggested the use of PQ before me? You should have read your own post, the answer was right there. And the "Premium" hides in my area are full of gold and diamonds.
  3. dibbg


    I am 4, my brother is 3, and we take our old 38 year old dad along. Hey, someone's gotta drive us!
  4. I placed a TB in a cache yesterday, but before I could log it's placement, someone found the cache and TB, took the TB and logged it. (I was on vacation and didn't have quick access to a PC) I know the person did nothing wrong, but I was kinda bummed that I'm not able to log placing the TB myself. Overall I had a nice vacation at Myrtle Beach and was able to get five caches along the way!
  5. Problem I see is this. Say someone says this is an awesome cache, for whatever reason, say 5 stars, it has lots of good treasures in it. Now a bunch of cachers come visit, and in a few visits, all the good stuff is gone, so now its a 1 star, who will update this information? Max I was more referring to the cache location rather than what's "in" the cache, which can obviously changes with every find. If I'm visiting a city and know I'll only have time for a few caches, I'd like to find the ones that other cachers think are cool. Like a cool park, or an interesting hide. That's what I was thinking.
  6. Thanks for the MB tips Neos2, I'll go for those while I'm there next weekend! (and maybe a few more...)
  7. Ah ok cool, if it's already been discussed and TPTB haven't added it, oh well. Still think it's a good idead, but I'll live without it.
  8. How or why would someone's find get deleted from another cache?
  9. I'd like to see a rating system added to each GC. Something like on YouTube where there are five stars, you just click how many stars you'd rate it, 1 being the worse, 5 being the best. Why? Let's say you're in a new city or location caching, and would like to just grab the coolest caches in the area. Or maybe you're not in it for the numbers, but want to find cool caches in nice locations or something. A 1 -5 system would be better than a "digg" type system where it's thumbs up or thumbs down, 'cause a cache would have to be terrible to get anything other than a thumbs up. But, there have been just "regular" caches that are OK, but nothing great, they might get 3 stars, but if there's a truely awesome cache, that sucker gets five stars. Then add the rating to the PQ's, so you could just get the coolest ones if you wanted. And of course rating would be optional, and you could only rate a cache once. How about that?
  10. Keep in mind your Gallery doesn't really exist as a separate thing - it is a simple compilation of the photos you uploaded with log entries. Right, and if the OP was talking about posting pics of his GeoCaching experiences, he'd upload a pic as part of his log, and it shows up in the gallery. And what I was saying is that you can link to those gallery pics pretty nicely.
  11. For a birthday party, I'd just hide stuff in the yard and give them clues to find the stuff, not using the GPS. But lemme know if you figure out a cool way to do it, maybe I'll do it too!
  12. If they are pics of your GeoCaches you want to post, why don't you just upload them to your GC profile gallery, then you automatically have a link to them online, like this:
  13. The cacher sounds like he's unstable. I wouldn't communicate with him anymore, about anything, and I wouldn't worry about it. You seem like a normal fellow.
  14. Looking at your post count I'm sure you are well aware, but what I do when I go on a trip is do a quick PQ and tell it to only find "regular and large" caches. For the most part they won't be in parking lots. I can't wait for my trip tomorrow, already have a few GC's planned out!!
  15. I'm sure it's not me, but, I get all excited about going on vacation or out of town just to be able to GC away from my home coordinates. I'm going to visit my brother this weekend, and to Myrtle Beach next weekend, and all I can think about is running my PQ's and making sure my GPS is ready for some finds.
  16. My guess is the OP is the person that permission should have been gotten from. The original poster has made one post to this forum, and has "found" no geocaches. He/she probably found the geocache.com paper and came here to ask about it. Again, that's my guess, but I bet I'm right.
  17. Oh what do you know.. just kidding! For me, it's all about the kids. That being said, the caches we enjoy the most are the ones off the beaten path, with an ammo can full of treasure. Check out my gallery pics, it's nothing but smiles on two kids faces. And I've found a few interesting micros as well myself.
  18. When you log the TB find, there's an option to upload a picture, just like when you log a find. For that matter, I think more people should post pics of their finds, I think it's nice to do that. Here's my gallery: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....e8-fe3977bc5bcc
  19. OK cool, I never noticed that. Now is there a way to see how far away they are from me without clicking on each one? Or a way to sort by distance? I'd like to go to events within like 30 miles of me for example.
  20. When you hide a cache, tell me an example of what your coordinates look like on your GPS. For example, mine looks like this: N 34° 59' 56" W 79° 1' 25" What does yours look like, is it in that format, and if so, do the seconds show more significant digits, ie instead of the above, does yours look like this: N 34° 59' 56.3922" W 79° 1' 25.5824" Or does yours show in the decimal format? Just wondering what other GPS are like. Mine is a dash-mount Magellan Maestro 3200.
  21. Did the cache page show that it had any Trackable Inventory? What's the link to the cache page, maybe someone here can tell from that.
  22. How can you find upcoming cache events in your area? Like if I want to search for upcoming events and CITO's near me and coming soon, how would I do that?
  23. OK - so I hide my first cache, very exciting. Probably is, I guess my GPSr doesn't show accuracy to the point that is good for other GeoCachers. (I can find them just fine btw) Anyway, so I get to where my hide is at, and my GPS shows: N 34° 59' 56" W 79° 1' 25" I notice on the coordinates page the minutes go out for 4 decimal places, like: N dd° mm' ss.ssss" W dd° mm' ss.ssss" I had two folks find it after an hour of looking, and they said it was about 100 feet off, and they didn't happen to save the coordinates they found it at, so I can't get it from them. I have a Magellan Maestro 3200. This is my cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...11-10dc839d226f Anyone know of a way I can be more accurate with the GPS I have?? Thanks.
  24. You have a TomTom? I would expect you to have a Lorri-ance.... Sorry, couldn't resist. My advice, and it sounds weird, but the faster you walk (in a straight line) with your GPS, the easier it is for it to locate where you are in relation to the cache. And I always have my GPS set to "heading up" vs "north up" when GeoCaching. It gives me a better first person view. (and not the 3D view, I use the 2D)
  25. What are your favorite GeoCaching and GPS sites? I'm new to GeoCaching and would like to know where you old pros go online. So far I've found these sites to be useful, not in any particular order: http://www.geocaching.com/ (of course) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ (of course again) http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen http://www.clayjar.com/gcrs/ http://www.magellangps.com/ (I have a Maestro 3200) http://gsak.net/ http://nozen.com/geo/html.htm http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/ http://www.world66.com/ Where do you guys hang out?
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