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Slowest delivery ever!

Eric K

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Back in April I sent a package to a guy in New Zealand. After about a month when the package never arrived and was never returned I sent him a replacement order.


He sent me an e-mail today saying that he just now received the coins in the mail! :laughing:


They went to New Zealand via this route:


USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, and finally to New Zealand!


Seems those coins travelled more through the postal service then they would have through any caches! :antenna:

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It happens....I send packages overseas all the time....if you send it insured and try to put a claim in some countries they make you wait 120 days...i think it was Italy.....I asked why so long...because even though it says 5 days on there, it could take up to six weeks if you send it first class. It's hit or miss, from when i worked for a distributor it always depended on whether or not it got stuck at customs. Express items almost never get stuck in customs whereas First Class is gonna go through customs no matter what, just depends on whether or not it gets stuck there for a period of time. Some countries are really strict, I know I always had problems with customs over in Germany.

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Man, that's one long trip! Yet another reason to use duarble bubble mailers!


That's pretty crazy :ph34r:

It reminds me of those those few people who shipped themselves in a box and videotaped the trip.

But it's cool it actually finally got there.


Off-topic, but where can I see that video? ;)


lol, I'm not sure where i saw it but a few have done it. One guy i remember it took a week and he had to have enough to eat and stuff like that. And he took along his videorecorder to document it all.

I tried doing a websearch but could not locate it. Probably on youtube somewhere

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Sure understand this - down here in New Zealand we wait, and wait and wait for our geocoins.

I had one commercial package sent from Canada, $6 postage paid that took about 4 months - appears that although it was marked "First Class" or "Airmail" the postal service remarked it "surface mail".

Though I have to admit I've only ever had one lots of coins go missing, and got them replaced easily by the supplier.

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