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Garmin 60CSX or Garmin 76CSX


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76csx. Of course I'm biased. Go to a store and handle them. The feel is very different, but features and such are pretty much the same. Yes the 76 beeps. As far as the memory card, both use a micro card and it is what you can buy. (that use to be 2gb but now I have seen 4gb. Don't know if the 4gb will work or not). You can go to the garmin site and get the instruction manuals for both units. You can then compare to boring detail.



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I started caching with a 76CS and upgraded to a 76CSx when they 1st came out. I used them for over 2 years. They are fine units no doubt. I initially purchased the 76 because of the floatability as I do a lot of boating. When both were stolen from my vehicle Prying Pandora loaned me her 60Cs as she had upgraded to a CSx and had a spare. I used it for a few weeks and liked it so much better than the 76's I went out and got my own 60CSx.


(IMHO) The 60 CSx fits the hand SOOOOOO much better and (for me at least) is easier to manipulate than the 76. Even though the buttons are bigger on the 76 I did not find them to be particularly user friendly as they are above the screen. The buttons on the 60 seem to be more "natural" for me to use.


The ONLY consideration I would have as to choosing the 76 over the 60 is the fact that it floats.

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Looks like they are very similar, Does the 76 have an audible alarm? It appears to have a larger mem card. vs the 60Csx.


This will be my first handheld GPS.

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The size of the memory card is moot because you will probably be getting a larger one anyway. The best thing to do is go to an REI store near you and hold all the models they have available. That way you'll know which one "fits" you better.


Not to confuse the issue, but if I were going to spend that much money on a new GPSr now, I would get the brand new Garmin Colorado. If you want to save some money, but still have a great GPS unit, check out the smaller Vista HCx.

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And just to muddle things up a bit - the new Garmin Colorado series is out in just a few weeks and includes all the features of the above units plus some 3d terrain maps, more memory, Wherigo player, unit-to-unit transfers, paperless geocaching mode (totally paperless), nice form factor. They will cost you a bit more but they look like the ultimate geocaching GPS unit.

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