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Geolicious - The rest of the flavors


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Geolicious - The rest of the flavors

(Reservations Close on January 31)


Reserve Your Geolicious Flavor Pack Here!


The idea was something Fluttershy mentioned in the forum, I ran with it and had the art produced. At that time I was not making coins so gave the idea to Jake at CoinSwag. He did a great good putting it togehter and producing the first flavor, Mountain Cache. Since he has not continued and I have started to produce coins I am going to complete the set. The last 3 flavors will all be made at the same time. I hope you like these flavors as much as the first. Strawberry Swag, Logginberry and Sour DNF. They will all have a common back mold.

These are 2.0 " (50mm x 16mm) x 3mm thick.


Regular Edition will come in the following platings: Gold and Nickel

Limited Edition will come in Black Nickel with some glitter enamel (only 100 will be minted)

Trackable on geocaching.com with unique icon.

If 250 of each flavor are produced, each flavor will have unique icon.




Reserve Your Geolicious Flavor Pack Here!

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Well since you ask. I was going to post laster this week. Most of the samples will be here tomorrow or at least by Friday. After that I am going to firm up my numbers and place the order. I will have them by mid March.


I have a few other items in the shipment and I think shipping them all together help it up a bit.

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Some of the samples are in. I will be making a few changes.


They will be soft enamel so they are like the original Geolicious coin. Tone of the glitter pinks will be changes to a closer pink.


On the Sour DNF the DNF will be changed to lime green so it shows better on the BN.








Order going to mint once I get the last samples. Chinese New Year and I didn't want them to rush the coins.

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