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 I'm a ROBOT?!!


After the pics uploaded, I didn't even have to log out/in, and the avatar changed in the Forum!


I wonder if I'll have this avatar for the first two weeks of October, then another after that.  We shall see!




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Testerino! Though in this case, trying to prompt my new account to get some posts approved since my other two posts are still showing up as hidden. Presumably waiting for a mod to approve?


Edit: yay, approved! :) Thank you.

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Added thank you.
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On 11/26/2007 at 10:49 PM, briansnat said:

Avatar creation instructions


Save the desired image to your PC, then:


1. Click on My Account tab on left side of home page.

2. Under Account Options on the right side click on Edit My Profile

3. On the Edit Account Details page look for the Virtual You section. Under Avatar click on change/edit

4. On the choose my avatar page, click on the Upload a New Image line

5. Use browse button to find the image you saved to your PC, give it a File Caption and hit Upload

6. Once it is uploaded click on My Details

7. On the Edit Account Details page look for the Virtual You section. Under Avatar click on change/edit

8. Click on desired avatar, then click on Select Photo

9. Click on the Edit Account Details line, key in your password, then page down and click on the Update Account button.

10. Go to the forums and log out and log back in. Your avatar should now appear next to your name.



To test please use this thread.

Please do not start another testing thread.


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