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  1. More caching and maybe 29 Feb cache
  2. Does that mean I have to cache again before Sun/ Mon
  3. I started after this event so just missed it however it kept advertising well after 12th August.
  4. You can attend an event or do adventure task to complete this challenge
  5. There is a archived cashe in my area.
  6. Maybe have easy ones so beginners can find them. Plus also maybe let basically members see the cashe on the main map page.
  7. Maybe try a park they might have a few cashes together.
  8. Why about did not findicated logs?
  9. Hi I am new here. My name is Jo I currently have 2 geocatche finds. I come from the UK.
  10. My GPS downloads don't open on my mobile phone Can anyone help
  11. How do you profile edit your profile for the forms? I use a mobile android phone.
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