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Moving a cache

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I've just disabled my cache as a few recent logs suggested that the nearby wall is precarious! It has already been rebuilt once. I doubt its because of the cache, but thought it best to remove it.


I know I can post an updated coordinate log. However, I can't find any guidance on how far I can move the cache before I should archive the old one and place a 'new' cache. I won't be moving the cache more than 20 metres or so.



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There's a cache not too far from us which was moved 2822.7 feet to a totally different road and with a new container.


I'd have thought that should have been archived and a new one started - it could still have the same name after all.


If it was a new cache I would be tempted to go and do it, but finding 'the same' cache twice* would just look silly on the log.







*yes, yes, I know you can find YOSM over and over again but that's supposed to be like that :laughing:

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