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Gone But Not Forgotten

Simply Paul

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Gone but not forgotten: GCGEGC - Old Father Thames by oompaloompas. My first cache find in London, and it's still on my watchlist so I can check if someone's replaced it, or put a new cache in the same area. So far, no one has. :blink:


I think a similar thread ran some time (years?) ago, but I'd like to know if you have any fondly remembered caches that are sadly no longer with us. You never know, a new/local cacher might just come up with something in a similar vein/reuse the area/borrow the idea/hide their own cache inspired by the lost original. If you're going to plagiarise, a great vanished cache is the one to copy!

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Fossil Transfer is an old classic (I think that there was even a "reunion" of finders a while ago!).


It's archived, but probably still in place.

A great cache, DNFs posted by some of the greatest names in UK geocaching (and Hornet) :blink:


I do apologise. Having read through the logs, Hornet DID find it. It was the short hairy one who DNFed it.

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Vote #4 - we always intended to do the cache but never quite got round to it. Now it's too late :o

Definitely Trek to the Severn. The Coppernogins are well known for putting an enormous amount of effort into their caches, and this one has been our all time favourite and will take some beating. Hope they come back to caching again soon :o

Vote number two for the trek ive been thinking its only the final thats gone wish i was closer.


Make that vote #3

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In regard to Trek to the Severn we contacted Coppernogins with the intention of adopting this cache. Unfortunately all of the containers have been removed so taking over the cache is now a no go.


But…….that now means that it is now possible to set a new series of caches in the area as the old cache had many people planning to do it.


We’ll look at setting a new Trek to the Severn (which we hope will be just as challenging and popular as the original) as it was on our door step.



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