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PDF cache descriptions almost empty

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When I try to view the PDF file of the cache, the resulting PDF is almost empty...

It had only the coordinates, the waypointname (GCxx), the coordinates and the hints.

All the other info is missing, like: short and long description, attributes and logs


This is probably a side effect of the update, because it also happend 2 weeks ago when the site was temporary updated to .NET 2.0.

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Well I have tried firefox and IE7 and half the icons for the coins don't load. The pdf files for the caches load a blank page. Anyone know how to fix this other than getting rid of these stupid new maps.


They ruined a caching trip I am going on tomorrow due to this interface not working. I am not a happy camper.

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Thanks for letting us know.


I just opened one to see and it does not look like before. And it's too late to print it (noise and gf sleeping next room) so I will report back tomorrow if it's not printing correctly because what I see on the screen tells me it should not but it may be a recent update to my PDF reader also that cause this.

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I also experience some difficulties with the PDF format.

I realy like this format, but when there is an accent caracter in the Cache Name, the PDF file does not display it but a funny code instead.

Below is a copy/paste I did from the PDF file:


Base de plein air La

Découverte: La Balade

Created By: cringle GC189AV

N 46° 50.092 W 071° 27.993


The word Découverte should display Découverte, so the é is replaced by é in the title only.

I tried with different, PC and Acrobate .


The rest of the text disply OK.





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