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  1. I've now converted to GSAK statistics. I've dedicated my new county map in loving memory of INATN!
  2. I'm gutted - the UK counties map had become one of the main parts of caching for me. I'm just glad I managed to turn one county red just before the end, and kept a copy of the image on file! UK Geocachers has a UK county map system, but you have to imput the data manually, and the colour coding system is (in my opnion) inferior to that of INATN. No reds and purples :-( Thanks for the memories, Cheeseheads, and good luck!
  3. Apologies if this ground has already been covered on the forums, but... I was about to make a significant bug drop into this 'cache' but have just discovered it has been archived. Why? It was great fun and, in my humble opinion, brought a slice of humor to a sport which sometimes takes itself a little bit too seriously - I have sent my opinion to the reviewer who has locked the cache. Perhaps the powers that be could consider setting up a new 'memorial' cache for lost TBs.
  4. Hi, Just returned from a shopping trip to Tesco. Check this out: Tesco Value Ground black pepper @ 18p per pot = 10 micro caches for just 1.80 ! I have covered up the white container with black tape. The plastic is a bit flimsier than the 35mm film container, but the dimensions are roughly the same. Happy micros!
  5. I stumbled across this Cachington thread When I should have been tucked snugly in bed. But I felt I had to embellish these tales, By flagging up Cachington's frolics in Wales. Newcastle Emlyn is a fair place, With cafes, and banks for drawing cash. And follow Twm-y-Tonnau's chase, To GC11JCN, (a cache). "The Last Welsh Dragon" - the listing name, A "multi" of high degree, I'd say. But last year, it attracted fame, Because of one rogue log attained in May. A "DNF" - but full of riddle play, By "Colonel George H. Cachington" (0 found). And hark at GC146JA! The "Colonel's" struck on Merlin's mound! Last year. to note the colonel's pranks, I launched, a geocoin for him Now in Reading, near the Thames' banks, It sits there. somewhat out on a limb. I hope this item will be picked up, To reach the "Colonel", by road or rail. It comes in peace, it must move up, To OXFORDSHIRE. ITS MISSION MUST NOT FAIL.
  6. The Welsh name "Geocelc" was 'coined', so to speak, in October 2007 by an article for GOLWG magazine, after several fruitless attempts to find a Welsh word for the sport. The journalist in who wrote the article is known VERY PERSONALLY to Tortoiseshell! It was subsequently decided within the geocaching community that "Geogelc" was grammatically correct. Diolch yn fawr!
  7. Have been blogging on geocaching since 2006 - if you scroll on my blog to May 2007 you'll find a short review of caching blogs.
  8. Somebody very kindly signed me up for 6 months subscription with the Geocoin Club as a birthday gift. I was quite impressed with my first coin - Blarney Coin complete with a pretty shamrock design - but a bit disappointed with the lack of an icon when I activated it (it carries the P*sspoor "generic" icon). Anyone else a member of the Geocoin Club could fill me in on this? Not that it's the end of the world - but it was a fairly expensive subscription and one would expect an icon with the coin.
  9. I vote Rutson's list, now that Wales has been sorted out. I happen to have been looking at local govt. reform in Wales as part of my job - nobody has really taken to the 22 county system (especially in the south Wales valleys) but I don't think there's any serious prospect of another reform anytime soon.
  10. Just a note to report three geocoin icons which aren't loading in my regular profile : CITO2007 Geocoin, Travel Gnome Geoocoin, Red Handed geocoin.
  11. I'm not even going to try and pretend that I understand your website bu seeing as you were kind enough to respond on this thread - consider yourseves listed!
  12. Just to let you know I've posted my initial review of blogs. My homepage can be found on my profile. Please let me know if there are others you'd like to see added!
  13. Yes, I really enjoyed this. It seems to be one of the few blogs that hasn't given up after a few months.
  14. Hi, I'm thinking of doing a review of geocaching blogs - so I thought I'd revive this thread as a starting point. A lot of the blogs seem to have died after a few months - I'd like any links to good blogs that are still current. Thanks, Tortoiseshell
  15. For what it's worth, here's my suggestion for the definition of counties... Use the HISTORIC counties of ENGLAND, as that's what people tend to identify with. But use the CURRENT unitary authorities in WALES and SCOTLAND, as these have now become quite established. or maybe I should get out more....?
  16. Hi - I have found several caches in my locality in my first weeks as a geocacher. I own two caches close to home. I am already starting a bit of a fondness for finding trackables. My question is: is it acceptable to go to a cache I've already found in order to grab travelbugs and geocoins? I own two caches close to home. What if a nice geocoin appears in one of my own caches? Can I grab it in order to log it on my 'trackables' list and then move it on to another cache? Or, is it considered bad form to revisit caches? thanks, Tortoiseshell
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