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  1. What you want is not (currently) possible. GPS location is a one way street. The GPS satelites only send a signal, they do not receive any. (Not really true, because the sateliets get information from the groundstations to correct their trajectory and clock) Also sending information to a satelite requires a relatively large antenna, and a lot of power. Another point is that you want to request a location; therefore the device has to listen on some frequency (bluetooth, GSM, satelite) to receive the request, and therefore needs power.
  2. Jouw vraag gaat niet over kaarten; dus e had beter een nieuw topic kunnen openen. Het probleem is waarschijnlijk dat je de GPX bestanden niet in de map \Garmin\GPX\ op je SD-kaart zet.
  3. Even een uitleg: Omdat een gif-animatie niet meer standaard geupload kan worden op de cachepagina (dan wordt het omgezet naar een jpeg) is het plaatje hier geplaatst. Vervolgens kan dan op de cachepagina verwezen worden naar dit plaatje, zodat er een geanimeerd plaatje op de cachepagina staat.
  4. And another hickup of the website. Error 500 when trying to log in, and no avatar pictures in the forum.
  5. The GPS45 is a very old GPS (25 years!), and has a problem with the week rollover from the GPS system. See an explanation of garmin: https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=zWQY6Z2kFiAuY9kDnDBgZ6 I don't think there is a firmware update for it to correct the EOW so you will have a wrong date 'forever' On https://www.javawa.nl/rollover.html there is a link to a program to update the almanac of the GPS with https://www.javawa.nl/downloads/garmin/GpsEow_V1.20_PC_Software.zip it does not say wheter it does work with the GPS45, but you can try.
  6. In bijna alle gevallen komt dit omdat je ook gebruik maakt van g:ceo. Die zet elke keer de taal op engels.
  7. You could try a phoneshop; they are often used to solder small components, so they might be able to repair your GPS.
  8. Maps are not loaded dynamically on a GPS. You have to preload them yourself. There are a lot of openstreetmaps (OSM) available for free for the entire planet. And with an SD card in your GPS you have enough space to load the whole of the US (about 10Gb) in your GPS.
  9. No, there is only a 'save' command. No way to save under another name. You could make some variables that remember the state at some point and save them too. Then you could reload in your cartridge the stage-variables back into the 'running'variables...
  10. That is how is designed: The settings in de messagecenter gives you an email for every message you send. In your geocaching-settings ( https://www.geocaching.com/account/settings/emailpreferences ) there is a setting to send you an email when someone else sends you a message
  11. You have to 'goto' the cache, so it is selected as your destination.When slected you will get a screen in 'geocaching'with the options for description, logs, new coordinates and the hint.
  12. You can upload the picture to your cache. Then create/remember the link to your picture and then delete the picture from your cachepage. The picture will still be there, and you can use the link to show the picture. It will not show up in the gallery. Since there are a LOT of caches where the pictures have been removed from the gallery, they can not delete these pictures without messing up a lot of caches.
  13. You did not discover the correct TB, that is: https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tb=TB5EFXK Since it is still locked you have to wait until the real photo of the calibration card is done on Mars.
  14. I dont see any refrence to an encryption system, but it might be me ...
  15. Solved the puzzle in about 5 minutes with the help of a nice website. Without any further information in the cachedescription I would rate it a 3 or higher. And I don't like this kind of mysteries where you have to guess the encryption and all the parameters for it. I think there should be hints for the used encryption and parameters in the description.
  16. It looks like 68 is missing. The 4 new atributes were introduced in september: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2020/09/four-new-geocaching-attributes/
  17. Only emailadresses that are validated are shown in the list. You can try to revalidate your emailadress. If that does not work, you have to contact Groundspeak so they can investigate why your emailadress is not marked as validated
  18. 69 Bonus cache 70 Power trail 71 Challenge cache 72 Geocaching.com solution checker
  19. Then change it to 1.0, save and change it to 1.0.1 and save
  20. Check which Com-port the usb-cable is providing. It can be anyone from com1 to com9 (or even higher). You then have to tell ExpertGPS or GSAK the correct port.
  21. Nothing new (literally). It has already been used a few times in caches in the Netherlands.
  22. And sadly there was no Halloween Horror Event due to the smart-lockdown of the Netherlands. With a lmit of 4 (!) people on a gathering it would not really be possible to organise it.
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