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  1. I have the same problem. The solution worked once, but not the second time. We really need a REFRESH button when the cache is open. I see you have a iPhone, I'm running Android, so it isn't an OS specific problem.
  2. I also experience some difficulties with the PDF format. I realy like this format, but when there is an accent caracter in the Cache Name, the PDF file does not display it but a funny code instead. Below is a copy/paste I did from the PDF file: Base de plein air La Découverte: La Balade Created By: cringle GC189AV N 46° 50.092 W 071° 27.993 The word Découverte should display Découverte, so the é is replaced by é in the title only. I tried with different, PC and Acrobate . The rest of the text disply OK. Thanks T-LA
  3. I'm unable to access GPXSonar site. any cklue why ??? Thanks T-La
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