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Xircom REX-6000 MicroPDA


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I have recently acquired a Xircom REX-6000 MicroPDA, along with it's USB Docking Station(driver is downloadable). I have found out that it can work with W98(se), 2000 and XP. For the record, I use the archaic W98SE.


I took notice of the fact that it has some limitations, according to what I have found out in a couple of reviews of the product on the internet.


What I want to find out from other cachers, especially those who have had one or know of it's usefulness, is can it be successfully used for geocaching and be compatible with GC's functions.


Please send your comments to: fledermaus98310@hotmail.com

Or send them through GC's E-Mail system by way of my profile.



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I used the REX-6000 for two years and found it to be a nice little PDA because it did exactly what I needed, at a size that fit my shirt pocket (calendaring and addressbook). This device is the form of a PCMCIA card and made good use of that port on my laptop and synced with MS Outlook. I could never find any way to really use it with geocaching. There was no software to do that and the 2K of RAM is a bit limiting. The battery life was reasonable, but I would guess that if you used it intensively with geocaching, then you would get pretty tired of buying these batteries. But the major problem is the lack of cache-management software for it. There is also no back-light, making it pretty useless in poorly lit situations.


In the end its very compact size what its Achilles heel: Unfortunately the unit inadvertently went into the washing machine with some slacks and did not come out alive. Even drying it out and replacing the batteries with new ones did not revive it. That was about the time I decided that I needed to get an iQue 3600 from Garmin, which is huge by comparison.

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