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caching with paper


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Does anyone else cache with all the information on paper? If so what is your prefered method, 3X5 cards, a binder or other bound type of paper or just printing out the information.


Not for a long time now, but we did.

We would usually print the first page or two of the cache page and put those on a clipboard. That way we had the description and hint (and probably the last log or two). The clipboard became very cumbersome, so we'd just staple or clip the pages together and fold them. Much easier to stuff in a pocket or fanny pack.

If we were going after just a few caches, we'd jot the notes down on an Excel form we created and just take that one or two sheets along. That was the best solution for us until we abandoned the paper all together.

We did find, however, that when we made notes, we'd invariably forget to jot down something important on at least one of the caches.

We would be happy to email you a copy of the spreadsheet form if you desire.

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I print the "view this page in print friendly format" or whatever that link says. Over time I have realized that for the most part there are only three things that are necesities. Coords (of course), Cache size and Cache difficulty. If you have been to a lot of caches (200 or more) then on cache size and difficulty will give you a good idea of what you are looking for. I like to be able to read the description when I'm at the site so I print everything but the logs out. If I get to a site and have to DNF it, then I go home and read the logs and then return to the site hopefully find the cache.

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Hi Poid,


I guess the easiest way to take the impotant informations with you is the following (the way I usually collact the data):

When I start off to a caching-tour I take one sheet of paper. I write down the caches in order of planning to log them.


1. Cachename

Coords (N..°..,... ; E...°..,...)




2. Cachename



Sometimes I draw some kind of map which makes it easier to get along with the area. I found out that knowing the size of the cache makes it easier to find it.

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Does anyone else cache with all the information on paper? If so what is your prefered method, 3X5 cards, a binder or other bound type of paper or just printing out the information.
When I used to use paper I would cut and paste the cache name/coords and any helpful info into a Word Doc. That way I could fit 20 caches on one sheet of paper. Now I just load a cusstomized name into my GPS using GSAK (%typ1%con1%drop2 %ter1) and I load the hint into the note field of my GPS using GSAK (%hint). It's a lot easier this way.
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Does anyone else cache with all the information on paper? If so what is your prefered method, 3X5 cards, a binder or other bound type of paper or just printing out the information.


Depending upon the number of caches we expect to hunt on a given trip, we will sometimes cachemate them sometimes we simply print the cache page pdf 5 logs with the hint. This is no big deal. Clip the papers together then when setting out on foot, simply take the cache pages that you are seeking and fold them in 1/4's and stick them in your back pocket.


I know that that cachemate thing sounds really wonderful but for small numbers, having one more piece of electronics in the filed just isn't worth it to The Team.


Now when we went on our trip to Italy a few months ago, of course we loaded them into cachemate. We'll do the same on our up coming trip to S. Oregon. We try to be practical based upon the circumstances. One thing that I do note is that of the 15 or 20 other cachers that we have met in the filed, not once have we seen a PDA. Seen some sheets of paper though. Most that I have spoken to about paperless don't even know what I'm talking about or say something to the effect of: "Oh yeah, I've heard of that......"

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I prefer printing the cache page so there's no mistaking anything transposing info to another notepad. And I find there is a chance of missing a piece of vital info by just taking notes. This happened the other day, so for now I print 'em all out :D


All I have is a basic GPSr anyway, so paperless caching isn't even an option.

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All the information you guys have shared is very helpful. I first started out with a nice bound book, but quickly realized my mistake. I rewrote most of the caches I was interested in into an alphabetic order in another booklet, but it filled up so quickly and became too expensive. I am going to try 3X5 cards for awhile to see how they work, I write out the name of the cache, Difficulty, Terrain, size and coords and the GC # (in case I have somehow screwed up on something else I can find the cache page again) I also write down the information people have written in logs about terrain (I have a physical disability which slows me down alot) or spoilers about the camo. I also have drawn a little map on the back because Im visually oriented and can pick things out faster that way. I have resisted printing things out because of the prohibitive cost of ink and paper (a ball point pen last longer and costs alot less) It may take a bit more time, but I can keep the information with me while I run through the county on errands, and gives me something to do on these wickedly hot summer days when I can not go out. I may graduate to printing out information in the future. I think it would be easier, especially when you have not transposed numbers and have spent an afternoon poking around an area which is not even close to the cache site. Thanks everyone

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I started with printing cache pages, switched to paperless, and have switched back to paper...in a way.


The PDA I have is older and every time the battery dies, I have to reload the software and the data. Since I can sometimes go weeks without a chance to cache, this became frustrating.


Now, I use GSAK as Trailgators does and put the type of cache, and container size on the GPSr and the name in the note field.


Recently, I started using a macro for GSAK that creates an excel spreadsheet with just the GC.com number, the name, and the hint. I squish the text as small as I can read and print front to back. With this crammed in the cache bag, I have everything I need in the field.


It helps that I figured out that I really enjoy Small or larger traditional caches the most.


The only time I print the cache page is when I decide to do something outside of this, such as an evil micro, a multi, or an puzzle cache. Other than that, I have everything I need to find the caches that I like.

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When I was using paper I would print out the cache page with the hint decoded. I would read the most recent logs and write any helpful information on the back of my printed cache page.


I used one of the clipboards with a cover and would stack the sheets in the order I wanted to look for them. When a cache was found I would write my notes on the printed cache page and put the completed ones on the bottom of the pile.


As you can see this is a very labor intensive method of caching. now that I am paperless I just upload my pocket queries to my 60CX, and to my Pocket PC and head out the door. I let the GPS pick my route by heading to the closest cache. I spend a lot more time caching and a lot less time in perparation these days.

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