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My first cache hide - not reviewed after 6 days?


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Is it unusual for a new cache hide to take over 6 days to review / publish?

I entered the info on 8/15 and haven't heard anything from anyone since.


There were system problems with the version upgrade at the time I was entering it,

but it shows up ok in my account details screen as "waiting for review".


I posted a reviewer note for it today, asking if there is a problem with it.


I'm kind of upset since today I see new caches in my area being published after only 2 days.


I don't want to be impatient since reviewers might have been on vacation or something, but it certainly looks like other caches entered days later than mine are being published before mine.

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Did you throughly read the guidelines? Make sure your cache fit them ok?


Often the first cache for a new cacher will take a bit longer. Sometimes multi and puzzle caches take longer to review because of the addtional information. Go back and make sure you included all information a reviewer will need to review your submission. Extra photos, permissions and a good description will always help.




make sure you did check the cache is active box......

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From the Geocaching Knowledge base:


It can be a nerve-wracking time: waiting for your cool, new geocache to be unleashed!


All geocaches are reviewed by volunteers, and we ask that they contact you within 72 hours of submitting your geocache. Sometimes they will have additional questions about your cache. Often, they will simply publish it based on your cache description. If this doesn't occur, check to see if your cache report went through:


1. Visit your "My Account" page after logging in.

2. Look at section at the top labeled "My caches waiting for review."

3. If it isn't listed there, click on "view archived."


If it is listed, click on the name of the cache to read any notes that might be entered by the reviewer. If there is a reviewer note, you can respond to it by logging an additional reviewer note to the cache page or by emailing that reviewer. If you have clicked the 'temporarily disable' link at the top, you must 'enable' the cache for reviewers to see it in the queue. If you have unchecked the 'Yes, this cache is currently active' box, you must check it before a volunteer can view it.


If the cache isn't listed anywhere, it unfortunately did not go through and you will need to report it again.


Please keep in mind that our cache reviewers are volunteers so sometimes other things in their lives cause listings to be delayed a bit. They sometimes like to go out and find geocaches, too! You may experience longer than normal waiting time during, for example, the week following a holiday or just after a large geocaching event. We ask for your patience.


If your cache is still not listed after a week, please send word to your local reviewer or to contact@geocaching.com. Be sure to include the GC# for the cache to expedite the process.

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Ok, I looked at the listing, and the cache is active checkbox is / was checked and it is not disabled.


It shows up on My Account Details under My caches waiting for review.


There are no reviewer notes in the log at the bottom of the cache listing.


It has been 6 days and I have not received any contact from the reviewer(s).


It is a Traditional cache with straight coords, no puzzles involved.

I'm pretty sure I followed the guidelines, its in a public park in a wooded area, definitely nowhere near private property.


Its very disappointing, especially after visiting some recently published caches that were clearly on private property, most likely without the owners consent.

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Hi there,


I checked, and your cache submission is properly entered, and waiting in the review queue. I'm sure a reviewer will be along to look at it shortly. Thank you for your patience!


There are lots of reasons why one cache will be published faster than another. In the absence of any contrary reason, however, reviewers try to follow a first come, first served rule.


Did you know that reviewers do not actually visit the cache location as part of the review process? It is just a quick check of the cache page, maps, etc., to see whether the cache has any obvious listing guideline issues. Google should force all owners of private property to spray-paint their lawns and trees bright red. That way, when I am looking at the aerial photos, the private property will pop right out at me. :laughing:

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