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Garmin waypoint Name vs palm waypoint name


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If you have cachemate on the palm, you can use the "%drop2" in the waypoint name when exporting to your GPS and to the Palm.

This drops the "GC" from the waypoint name (since 95% of all caches on GC.com start with GC, you dont really need it in the waypoint). Makes searching through a couple hundred waypoints in the gps or palm much easier & quicker.


in cachemate, you can switch between displaying/sorting by "name" or "waypoint". Use "waypoint" then the list in the palm will match the list in the gps.


This is what I use.


ooops...I just reread the OP, and you want names instead of waypoint. Do what team_lpd said, use the %smart tag. You may have to change the character limit for the name to fit the GPS's max limit, though.

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What some of these folks are trying hard to say is to use GSAK - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife to intelligently load the waypoints into your GPS via the options.


Also Briansnats suggestion would work easy enough.


You don't have to use GSAK to get this done, and you don't have to use macros. CacheMate has an option that will let you display a list of caches by its friendly name or by its GC number, or both. I use both; it shows the GC number, followed by the friendly name.

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How does one organize there trip when your Garmin 76csx has a waypoint name of GCXXXX and your palm has the actual site name. Is there a way to have the gps display the site name for easy cross reference?


Or does anyone have a better method?






Ugghhhhh.......... I can't imagine having to deal with my 76CSx displaying the stupid GCXXXX instead of the cache name. GET GSAK!!!!! Your unit can display up to 14 characters for the "smart name". In GSAK set the waypoint name to: %smart=14. That will give you a much better idea of the name of the cache when you look at the geocaches you have loaded. You can then set the other info for something such as this: %Name %Dif/%Ter %con1 %hint. This is only one example of what you can put there. This gives, in the description field, the Full Name of the cache, the difficulty, terrain, size of container and, if there is any room left, all or part of the hint. The full name can actually be so long that you lose all the other info so many folks wouldn't like that included. The Help in GSAK has a full list of the % items you can use. It's actually pretty easy to figure out what you want by using that list and playing around with it.

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Yup, as these guys are stating, GSAK is your friend. :rolleyes:


You can send the waypoints to your GPSr with part of the name of the cache, and even part of the hint, using the codes in the "Smart Name" feature.


This is the code I use for the Waypoint name: %smart=6 %con1%typ1%dif1%ter1


This code gives you part of the name, the Size of the container, the Type of cache (Traditional, Multi, Virtual, Puzzle), the Difficulty and Terrain (based on a 10-point scale).


If your GPSr can have more characters in the name, just increase the number after the '%smart=' part. You can mix and match these codes any way you want. If you want to know, from the waypoint name, if there is a TB in the cache, you can add that code. :P


To get part of the hint, I use this code in the Waypoint Description blank: %Name=10 %hint


Since you have an 'x' version, you can use Garmin's POI loader and similar codes to get a lot more information in the Comments section. With the POI loader, you can put 1000s of caches on your GPSr as POIs. :)

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I used easy gps and change the name before downloading it into my Garmin legend, it limits the amount of characters in the name though, but it is close enough I can reference my Palm for any further informaiton.

GSAK does much more but I am not familiar with it, easy GPS, is very easy to use

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