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New cache notifications

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We had a sneaking suspicion that we were not getting notifications of new caches in the local (25mile radius) area last week.

To be sure we left it over the week end, as there is usually some new ones up then, and there were but we recieved no notifications.

We checked our ticked boxes on the notification page, wondering if the "improvements" (!) had changed anything, and that all seems in order.

Any one else having this problem?


Henry, the big bit of L8HNB.

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TPTB? :blink:

The Powers That Be.


BTW I've had several notifications arrive 2 or 3 days late recently, while others have arrived bang on time. I expect something somewhere's broke.




I know it's an American site but does anybody speak English any more?


On a more serious point we cachers are all guilty of using too many acronyms - I'm guilty too with FTF, TFTC, etc. It is not too helpful for those new into the game and this forum - it can be seen as very cleeky. I 4 1 :D will try and use plain English from now on.

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A bit of feedback ref our original posting...........


Contacted TPTB, they advise that the problem may be with my ISP and suggested we contact them to let email from the two geocaching.com IP addresses through.


Couldn't do that as H gets the notifications to his works email address. Our works techy suggested opening a hotmail account for the notifications, and redirecting the notifications to there, which I've done.


Another positive is that we can access the hotmail account from home.


Hopefully this will resolve the problem, we'll post a further feedback soon!



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