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GPS help needed!

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The Legend will do the job. It is a very popular unit, but it has been around for around 6 years (ancient in the technology world). A slightly more expensive, but far better choice would be the Garmin Venture CX.


The Venture CX has a color display, the Legend doesn't. The Venture CX has expandible map memory (up to 2 gigs), while the Legend has a paltry 8 megs, the Venture CX autoroutes (meaning it provides turn by turn driving directions), the Legend doesn't. The Venture CX has much better reception than the Legend and there are probably more advantages to the Venture CX that I can't think of right now.


The Legend sells for around $120, while the Venture CX sells for around $180 if you shop wisely. For a little more money, you are getting a lot more GPS and something you won't outgrow in a year.

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There is a basemap on the GPSr, but for detailed maps, you have to purchase them. You can get the Mapsource Topo maps on eBay for a reasonable price because they don't have Unlock Codes.


The City Navigator maps, that will auto-route you, need to be purchased new. You can usually get them for less money in a package deal with the beanbag automount and cigarette-lighter adapter. I think I paid about $140.00 for my maps that way.

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You don't need the maps, especially if you know the area where you are caching. You can prepare ahead of time by looking at the maps on GC.com and you can take printouts from Google Earth if you are trying to find an elusive trailhead.


I really like the way the maps auto-navigate me around unfamiliar areas, however. :anicute:

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do you need the detailed maps? do the basemaps work fine for a new cacher?


The base maps only have major roads and bodies of water. Like Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. If you want more detail you should consider getting detailed maps eventually.


You you don't NEED them to geocache, but they will make your unit far more valuable, not only for geocaching, but for many other uses.


I brought my first GPS and then hinted about the mapping software for my birthday. And what did I find birthday morning under the Birthday Tree?


Nothing. We don't have a birthday tree.


Seriously, I got Garmin's City Navigator, a great software package.

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I started off buying a Legend back in late 2000 (before I started Geocaching). I found a lot of caches and still pull it out on occasion. However, I am in loive with my Venture CX. A bit smaller form factor and far more capable.


Maps are nice add-ons but not required for caching.


Go for the Venture Cx.

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Something else to consider is the Legend is going to give you trouble under a heavy canpoy of leaves or in a valley. I used mine for about two weeks into spring and then bought a 60CSx. It will be fine if you are doing urban caches or not getting into thick woods.

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i was lookinn at the Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Navigator, is that good?


That's what I have. Granted, it's my first and I've had it less than a month, but I'm constantly amazed at what it can do. The best price I found was $124 from Amazon.com. It loses reception in heavy tree cover, but that's not been a problem so far. It has been right on the money as far as geocaching (not that I've done a ton of it, but I was impressed)


Have fun!

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the Venture CX autoroutes (meaning it provides turn by turn driving directions), the Legend doesn't.

I have a Legend, which I generally like, although it is showing its age. I believe that if you buy the detailed map package, it will autoroute. Of course, I haven't done that, so I'm not sure.

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