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  1. If you e-mailed me about this sill stuff I would tell you to go ahead and delete my log.
  2. Looks like they should have went to Wal-Mart for a couple of LPCs. Loosers!!
  3. You can also log finds on caches you never found. That would do the same thing. Sounds silly doesn't it?
  4. It's their property, they can allow or disallow anything they what on their property. Can I come and deer hunt in front of your house in the morning?
  5. Clean the surfaces with laquer thinner and use Liquid Nails.
  6. I agree! Eventually he will probably get tired of deleting it and let it stay.You guys are missing the fact that the OP didn't sign the log. Personally, I can't imagine why the OP would expect his found log not to be deleted. You're right I missed that. Didn't sign the log, didn't happen. And to the original topic, yes I would jump off a bridge to get a cache. See avitar pic.
  7. If you really want to stir him up Go back and relog your find. Then relog it everytime he deletes it. I hope you don't have any hides in the area.
  8. Grab it back and relog it.
  9. It looks like some of the logs have been deleted. Maybe they figured out how stupid it looked.
  10. You might think twice about painting it. That silver is hard to spot in some locations.
  11. Get use to it or get over it. There is nothing you can do about it. Make it about the trip and the hunt or you are going to stay upset alot.
  12. I subscribe to the "If I can't say anything nice, I say nothing at all" way of thinking.
  13. What ever you do create a sock puppet account and do it under another user name. Well I guess it's too late for that.
  14. Lets take a step back and remember that this person has not actually found this cache yet so we don't know where it is.
  15. Since it was their first post here and they have choosen not to come back and answer some questions I would not worry about it too much.
  16. So spill the beans SoCal. Post the whole listing.
  17. I found one in a box like that. Can't be sure if was the same manufactuer. It was full of water. Make sure you read to see if there is anything you can put on the seal to make it last and not stick. On the one I found the seal had stuck to the box a tore when it was opened.
  18. I found one here in Georgia that went through a controlled burn. I was able to retrieve a geocoin from it.
  19. yes, but people don't do that, so you end up with a zip lock bag that is not water tight. Not to mention that zip lock bags are not made to be used over and over again, so they end up leaking anyway.
  20. Yes ammo cans can leak. But Key Holders leak every single time. Oh and by the way people, when you fold up a zip lock bag to fit it inside a key holder the zip lock bag is no longer water tight.
  21. Political correctness has nothing to do with doing what is correct. It has everything to do with folding to the whims of the minority or the thought that it is possible to have an opinion that will offend no one.
  22. I would spend that time replacing logs replacing containers instead. I adopted a cache that was a key holder. I disabled it the day I adopted it and changed the container. That log was wet too BTW.
  23. I have found that key holders work fine if they're hidden in a location that offers further protection from the weather; like a lamp post skirt. The ones I found yesterday were under LPS. Lets not even go there.
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