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Did I leave my GPSr @ a cache?

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I was getting ready to download some coords this morning - and can't find my GSPr!!

. . . . . .


Actually, I'm happy to report that I found it in the house! It appears to have fallen off the table and into a box on the floor, which then tipped over. :huh::(


I feel kind of dumb, but I'm glad I found it. It shows how addicted I've gotten that if I couldn't find it by the end of the day, I was going to run out to Circuit City and buy a new one immediately! :smile:


Nancy (bunnylady)

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I lost my Etrex Legend in November. I looked all over the place for days and could not find it anywhere. I decided to stop Geocaching for the winter and maybe it would show up later. Well, Here comes March and still no GPS. I got a bonus from my company and decided to replace it with a Vista Cx. 2 weeks after the Vista arrived the Legend showed up between the front seats of my truck. :(

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Mine was picked up by room service housekeepers at a hotel in Galveston. Repeated checks with the front desk yielded no clues. Finally, someone gave in as we were checking out. Presumably, they figured out that they had no use for whatever the heck it was and just gave it back.


It was good to get it back, but it sucked not having the GPS with all the caches loaded in it for a CACHING vacation. We had to manually load them into my partner's GPS (which had no cable...she got a new one after that). Instead of the 30-50 caches we planned on getting while we were there, we got about 15.


Anyway, glad you found yours!

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I could see how a GPS could have got stolen, but I don't see how someone could leave their GPS at a cache! I would be missing it as soon as I got to my car because I would be plugging in another one to find.


For example, I was caching in Nashville this last weekend and when I got to the car after finding one of them I couldn't find my GPS. My car was 15 feet away from the cache so I turned and looked and I left it on the guardrail.........GENIUS! Well, it wouldn't have been there long.

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Back in '02, when typically you went out after THE new cache, a geobuddy of mine left his GPSr behind. And didn't even miss it until the following weekend! After tearing the house and car apart, he returned to the cache site, found GPSr sitting on top of the ammo can. It still had a tiny bit of battery power, so he used it to find the Other New Cache that had turned up that week.

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Chicken bought me a new GPSMAP 76s :D for Christmas in 2004. We went out to place a cache not long after and what do you know, i lost the thing. :unsure: I knew i right where i had left it, on the side of the truck and sure enough, it had fallen off between where we had parked and about 6 miles down the road. Looked and looked but of course it was not to be found. :) Of course i did the only thing i could at that point, started shopping for and bought another one! :D

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late last year , i think it was , someone left a GPSr on the ground beside a cache ( this was in the boston area ).

the person who hit the cache next , about a week later , found it .

he checked the logs and wrote the person who last logged the cache .

it was her's and she didnt even know she didnt have it ( she had just moved there , was still unpacking and didnt have alot of time for caching ).

they met up for lunch so he could give it back .

they cached together afterward and have been dating ever since .


happy ending for all ! :)

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I have paniced thinking I lost my GPSr...need to get a beeper for the dang thing! But I DID leave my CAMERA at a cache once! Was 2 hours and 3 caches later when I realized it. We were driving through a field of cows and I wanted to take a pic as they were approaching the car. Had to backtrack MILES. Not only was my camera in the bag but all my coins as well! Found it safe and sound. Thank goodness.


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