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throwing down a challenge

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I would like to say Thank You to all of the geocacher that accepted my challenge. from the post I have read it looked like it was a good thing.


I posted this same challenge in our state geocache forums and got a lot of new caches to go find.


once again THANK YOU.


Hey, thank you, Sneaky Pete. I had just placed a cache the day before your challenge, and it was approved immediately,("nice job" to the reviewer) without anyone dying or losing fingers or being arrested. So I didn't place another. But I am doing my research for the next one, as it happens. Everyone in their right mind recognizes the good natured challenge and that it was made in an effort to perpetuate the adventure. You've posted more than I, so I know you understand the nature of the beast. I also appreciate the voices of reason, like Trinitys Crew, Jasond, Jeep and the rest. I'm new to this, and appreciate those with a positive and encouraging contribution. Since my latest placement, I had some cachers from the great state of Texas find it and leave nice comments. So I guess us newbies are not totally incompetant. :anitongue: (sorry, couldn't resist) Anyways, thanks for the challenge, and the interesting thread. We'll be talking, no doubt. X



"So easy, even a ..."

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I placed my first cache "Timber Creek Cache" (Mississippi) on 3/17 and then read about this challenge after I returned from that trip. At this moment its still awaiting its FTF. I'm watching the listing with nearly as much excitement as I get when searching for a cache. So I didn't really place this for the challenge specifically but I'm glad it fit into the time frame of the challenge and I could "play" too.

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I've got 3 caches already hidden in the wild. One of them has been sitting there almost 6 months. How about if I get off my duff and get them submitted this week? :huh:
I kind of had the same thing going. One of mine was out for about 2 months and I finally submitted it too. :huh: I called it "unapproved cache" for fun. :laughing::anibad:


The other cache I finally listed at the same time was one I had been working out for several months. I finalized the final location and listed it. I got a priceless log from one of the local cachers. Here is an excerpt:

I think we have another mtn-man classic here. Its a fine cache hunt but mtn-man supplies plenty of rope (or is that vines) for the cacher to hang him self with.

:lol::laughing: I gotta' be me. <_<:mad:

Appropriately, the cache name is "Twisted".

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