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Mapsouce 2 Unit Limit


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I have sent my question to Garmin but wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with this. I have version 6.11.6 of Mapsource. The software has been unlocked for a GPS V and a Legend. I want to replace the Legend with a 60CX. However, Mapsource will only allow you to unlock the software for 2 units. Has anyone ever replaced one of the unlocked units with another. or am I SOL?




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Sorry, its Mapsource City Select Ver 6.11.6. I did get a response from Garmin " If you give me the serial number and unit Id for the 60 I think I can regenerate the unlock code.". Since I want the 60CX, guess I'll give it a try.


You must seperate the MapSource from CitySelect!


Mapsource Ver 6.11.6 -- is a free basic software for the PC.

CitySelect version XXXX is the mapping software you use in MapSource!

CitySelect can be NA or Europe etc!

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City Select V 5. I also have the full US Topo series. However, I will wait to see what happens before I ask about Topo.


I needed about 10-15 maps of PA to put in my Legend C. A friend gave me the program but when I tried to load the maps it said I needed to connect to Garmin to get an unlock code. The topos look like they are locked to me.


I'm not sure what I should buy if this does not work. Looking at Amazon there is Garmin Mapsource topo US for $69 and then there is Garmin Mapsource CD ROM USA topo for $80


All I want is about 15 maps of PA to load in my GPS, which product would serve my purpose. I have Maptech to do the paper work but I would like to see elevations while I am walking.

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