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  1. I normally use MapSource, there the Temp column appears but no data. In BC no temp data, no temp column. Opened in NotePad, didn't see and obvious temp data. When I use BC (rarely) I have an older version that allows GoogleEarth, FWIW. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Garmin Montana 610 v3.3 with Tempe sensor. Temperature appears in data fields but not in the tracklog. What might I be missing? Thanks
  3. Forget the preloaded maps, they're 100,000:1 resolution vs the 24,000:1 resolution of paper topos. So instead of 40' contours you'll get 200' contours. As to button or touch, they both work well. I've had touch on my last two and that's my choice. The latest Oregon adds capacitive like a smartphone. I went with the larger/heavier resistive Montana.
  4. Couldn't find 4.6.3 but did find 4.6.2, so uninstalled 4.7 and installed 4.6.2 and all is good. Link for GE is in View and BC launches GE same as MapSource. In my limited comparison, GE images are better than Birdseye . . . FWIW.
  5. If I read that part about Garmin Connect correctly, does this also mean that you can no longer send selected tracks to Garmin Connect? Ran into this issue with no Google Earth link in BaseCamp, exists in MapSource and works fine. My primary use for BC is downloading Birdseye images. Is there a way to load BaseCamp 4.6.3 and replace 4.7? Thanks
  6. Got a 64GB microSDXC card formatted ExFat and loaded a bunch of topo maps to the folder Garmin, the Montana 610 won't recognize the maps. Same maps on a 8GB SDHC card formatted Fat32 work fine. Some of the post above suggest ExFat works in the 610, other not. What is the truth here? Thanks
  7. Old post, still useful . . . thanks! A bit disappointed in the Li-Ion so this data helps.
  8. So may have found the perfect, well nearly, belt case. Could be a couple of mm taller but close enough. May be of interest to other Montana owners. It's the AmazonBasics Large Point and Shoot Camera Case, see below: Tad snug but not tight. The interior is slick Nylon not flocked like the Garmin case. The belt loop is 4" wide and tight to the case. Has a small front pocket for a spare battery or 3-AAs.
  9. That's the case I got with the Montana, too tight. Also, because its universal, too long. Made to fit everything, an eTrex would rattle around. The Montana is the widest, hence the tight fit. Found an old belt case, camera?, calculator? plenty of room. Will give it a try. Ordered a Molle case on eBay today, for ~$5 so if it doesn't work no loss. Funny about the Montana, feels fine in hand but dangling from a belt loop, no way. My Oregon 450 always rode on a shoulder strap with a Fastex clip. Easy to do the same with the Montana, but my brain says no. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Got a Montana 610 and looking for belt case for it. I have the Garmin universal belt case but its too tight. The combination of the flocked interior and the rubber on the Montana exterior makes for slow insertion/extraction. Did a title search here, two hits, no help. Has anyone found a camera case or something else they like?
  11. You've been saying that for a decade (or more) and you've been consistently correct. The hope here is for customer loyalty, something Garmin doesn't understand. Garmin needs to take a page out of the Tesla playbook.
  12. Indeed! I used the compare feature at GPSCity and while the display is noticeably larger, the case grew modestly and the weight is the same. Clearly a new design from the chip(s) on up. I wonder if they ship to Oz?
  13. The Monterra is now discontinued. The Montana has pins that connect to a special mount, that mount has a speaker for voice prompts. In any case, I have a 7" Nuvi for the car, awesome. Thanks
  14. This would be of interest. Did a GPSRChive, Google and Youtube search on Current Activity, found nothing. Do you know of any more info? Is this an enhancement to Profiles like I have on my OR 450? Thanks for the reply.
  15. My Oregon 450 while still working fine is getting a bit long in the tooth (many screen dents), considering an upgrade. Looking at a Montana 610 which appears to be a 3 YO design and a Oregon 700, a 2 YO design. Both cost the same, under $350 at GPSCity. Some questions: Is the capacitive touchscreen of the OR of value over the resistive TS? Looking at a YT video the OR still had a +/- on the map screen, no pinch to zoom? Bigger screen and heavier vs smaller screen and lighter? MT comes with Lion battery, not available for OR? I'm running firmware v5.50 on my OR 450 to avoid the connecting line between tracks, as I understand all new Garmin's have this connecting track line? Does the MT have a lanyard bar a the top rear? OR bar lower right? Anything else to consider? Thanks for your thoughts.
  16. Ran into this GPS board on a random webpage promising centimeter GPS accuracy. Since I consider my current GPS (OR 450) to be accurate to 20-30 feet, centimeter got my attention. Since the board is $595 and likely takes a bit more power than a pair of AAs, not a fair comparison. But, it peaked my interest in what is the current accuracy of a handheld GPS? Thanks for your thoughts.
  17. Update: Got a new Win 10 laptop and loaded MapSource and BaseCamp for my maps. Then time for GoogleEarth. Turns out only GEPro is now available for download but the exe file is labeled GoogleEarth.exe, whereas the desktop shortcut says GEPro. The net result MS is happy since it wants to see GE.exe but the loaded program is actually GEPro. I'm happy because I want to see an occasional satellite image launched from MS to compare with the map. FWIW
  18. Thanks to all for your comments. This is what I did. Because of my desire for sunlight visibility I settled on the Samsung Galaxy's for their excellent OLED displays and went to eBay looking for a Galaxy S5. Then feature creep set in and I progressed to the Galaxy S7 Edge which arrived yesterday. BTW, geotagging is native to all Galaxy phones, no App needed. Now I get to learn how it works. Like all computers it is just a matter of finding the nested menu(s) to make adjustments. Google is a big help if I can't figure out the steps. Wish me luck.
  19. Did a search before posting. Not a single instance of Smartphone in a title, 900+ in the text. Kind of hard to separate wheat from chaff. Added Locus Pro to my bookmarks, thanks.
  20. I wouldn't always use the SP with the OR, frequently go for hikes with a high end camera with a 30X zoom and GPS. I own two, both dead. I took both apart, swapped modules, got one working, now it has failed after two weeks . . . color me frustrated and looking at alternatives. I'm well aware that SP's are powerful computers, just never needed a mobile computer. So my primary use would be a large photo database that I could search and view in the field. The OR allows me to see the exact single photo associated with my position but ... the contrast and detail are dreadful at best. The SP could have high resolution, zooming etc. all trivial for a mobile computer. The GPS and photo functionality is just icing and backup. So rather than upgrade my OR 450 for a slightly better OR 600 or 700, for the same or less money I could have a vastly superior mobile computer. Of course I'd keep/use the OR 450 for the things it excels at.
  21. Looking at a Smartphone GPS to supplement my Oregon 450. Some questions: Will it geotagg photos? With it record tracks? Will it record waypoints? Best sunlight viewing technology (LED, LCD, OLED, other)? Never owned a smartphone, open to any an all comments. Thanks
  22. @ Mineral2 OT I noticed in your post(s) you moved from an Oregon 450 to a 600, I'd appreciate your insights. I have a 450 that I use primarily for creating tracks and finding geologic features via coordinates and geotagged photos. To the extent you can how is the comparison of the tracking and photo viewer 450 vs 600? From my perspective the 450 is excellent at creating tracks, dreadful at photo viewing. Tried a search 450 & 600 not allowed here, on Google got a hit in German. Thanks
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