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  1. For serious autorouting in the UK, the CityNavigator is clearer and updates seem to be available far more often. However, the cost of the updated maps is hard to justify as so little changes over a two year period in the UK but I found when towing in Europe the updated maps are justified as last time I went abroad juctions had been re-numbered. Discoverer does contain the older versions of CityNavigator as the autorouting operates on those maps not on the OS maps. When Discoverer was launched we had terrible trouble with CityNavigator maps appearing ontop of Discoverer! Firmware releases corrected the problem and now CityNavigator is hidden under the OS maps. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=discoverer
  2. Discoverer overwrites the CityNavigator Maps on the units. Whether you have both enabled you will see only the Discoverer! To see CityNavigator you have to disable Discoverer. Discoverer is routable. Discoverer is unable to see all one-way streets and pedestrian areas, especially as the detail could be years out of date.
  3. I found the same as you! The text can be bigger but the icon cannot. But You can increase the size of a POI to 24 x 24. So for some important waypoints I created a POI at the location [POI name and text is not shown] to get a larger personal icon with the waypoint text and icon ontop. In the UK there are 10,000 speed cameras POIs so the 24 x 24 icons are easier to see! It is not perfect but it helps me.
  4. Do you have CityNavigator active as well as Discoverer. If you have - turn off one or the other, as both contain CityNavigator. I had this problem on my Oregon 300 but it corrected with the duplicate maps disabled. Which Discoverer map are you using and what zoom level are the problems happening at? I had a National park at 1:25 and the South of England and Wales 1:50 operating at the same time and the unit did not like that! I had turn one off to get the best results. The duplication of CityNavigator within different mapsets was a problem especially as they were different updates. Now I have no problems with [provided I disable duplicates] :- MetroGuide NA CityNavigator Europe Discoverer 1:25 Coast Path Discoverer 1:50 South of England and Wales
  5. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...205902&st=0
  6. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=Discoverer
  7. You get some help here:- http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=discoverer
  8. Are your Discoverer maps on both Internal and SD cards? Are they downloaded or bought on SD cards? I had problems when the Discoverer maps were listed as #1 as you could not disable individual maps! . . .. However, by putting one Discoverer map on internal and the other on the SD I eliminated the problems as I could disable one Discoverer and use the other!!!!!! . . ..
  9. So far there are no problems created with this software for my Discoverer maps, in fact they seem clearer. However, I only have one Discoverer map active at any one time. This is because each Discoverer has five different maps within it so to have more Discoverer maps active you are multiplying the active maps by five and then I get problems! In each Discoverer map you are duplicating/triplicating the CityNavigator, 1:25000, 1:2500 and in some cases the 1:50. If you have identical maps on the internal and SD cards it usually gives problems[ie Discoverer on SD and Internal]! I THINK.
  10. Have you all of them activated at the same time?
  11. In the options remove all other maps especially CityNavigator as it is built into Discoverer! Zooming out takes longer than zooming in. I have the south of England and Wales which is bigger than the National Parks, it is slower than CityNavigator to 'pan' but look at the amount of detail included! Discoverer works well at 70mph in a car with all the UK speed cameras included, so the problem on the bike is not normal! Beta software 3.01 works well for me whereas the more recent versions caused me problems.
  12. Post this type of topic on the Discoverer thread? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=discoverer After all Discoverer maps are unique to the UK so with 170 replies and 17,000 views you may jog someone there!
  13. Too often we get requests for help from fellow members and after spending considerable amounts of our time we get no thanks or FEEDBACK! I draw a line under my involvement on this website and will watch without posting. g-o-cashers thank you for all your postings and help. . . .
  14. On the units that have the firmware to support it you can name:- gmapsupp0 gmapsupp1 gmapsupp2 gmapsupp3 I have loaded and operate:- MetroGuide NA, Topo GB, CityNavigator Discoverer as seperate image files - there is no need to combine them with the Oregon.
  15. TOPO GB v2 752 maptiles 1664MB with autorouting details.
  16. We seemed to have discussed the issue of changing hands at Dec 2008/Feb 2009. I tried the test in the early part of the year -walked the same route every day for exercise with Oregon in my right hand in both directions. Result the accuracy of the 2mile route varied depending on whether walking South/West or North/East. I tried another test on a 'board walk' 3 feet wide on a Nature reserve in both direstions.[with Oregon in my right hand in both directions] Result the accuracy varied depending on whether walking South/West or North/East. I tried another test along a 4"[inch] wide kerb along my street. [with Oregon in my right hand in both directions] Result the accuracy varied depending on whether walking South/West or North/East. The best way to test the accuracy was the board walk with a bog on both sides because it had precise boundaries and restricted you to a track 3 feet wide. So the principle of changing hands and getting different readings was understandable as the view of the satellites change So if you are walking along a cliff edge in Wales [in fog or darkness] make sure the unit has a clear view of the satellites in the south and west!!
  17. Beta Software: Oregon 400t, Ver. 3.15, Beta as of Aug 18, 2009, http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4573 Oregon 300 http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4571
  18. Post this type of topic on the Discoverer thread? The answers are next to your question.
  19. My new Discoverer card arrived. Southern England and Wales 1:50 is great with v3.01!!! Note:- The symbol is a lighthouse not a sexual symbol. Some of the website members enter UK over this lighthouse - the pilots sometimes call it St. Rumble!!
  20. Sorry Splashy I did not know you were HERE!! At least the original poster and I have experienced the same problem but it was not important to me.
  21. Perhaps it has to do with the European Mapping where we have so many roundabouts, tunnels and minor roads?
  22. Within Discoverer, CityNavigator, and TOPO are the same maps but up until recently they have worked without crashes. In emails to Garmin they are interested in the POIs within my unit so I tried OPTION changes and improved 'panning' with Oregon v3.13, so there is problem with POIs and their Zoom level within Discoverer. However, the 'shutoffs' were happening whatever the mapping software was active. Last night I re-installed Oregon v3.01 and now the Discoverer and Unit are working again without 'shutoff' or 'crashes'!!! The problem of the screen/maps 'hanging' or partly loading when zooming in or out [on Discoverer] has been improved and is now acceptable.
  23. I'm not an expert but I think:- it has nothing to do with the size of the maps and where they are - it is the ability to calculate one route of 1000 miles with all the automatic via points, changes to roads that gives the message about memory.
  24. Is that question for me? If it is - by default it uses the chunnel and adds 50 minutes to the route. The route to Ireland through Fishguard adds 3:15 time to the route-Correct for Ferry but the CAT does it in 90minutes. I never use that method I always plan a route to the Ferry or Chunnel and then from the other side. It will do Rosslare through Fishguard over to Calais but I prefer the split routing.
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