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If we go by the Alaska Mint again can we stop in there? Plaidguy told me he needs help picking out my Christmas present, and there's something in there I've been kicking myself about leaving behind ever since the last trip! No biggie if we aren't in the area and need to skip it.

I recommend starting Micro, Multi-Stage, Not Complicated GOcache and seeing where it takes you. From there, there are several downtown/Westchester lagoon caches you all haven't done yet which would make a swing through the Mint a multi-purpose trip.


I think that is a great cache to include. :ph34r:


And while at the Mint, say hello to Mrs. Scobey and the owners!


I can't figure out how people expect us to coordinate if we can't use a forum. As a matter of fact, in the Geocachealaska Forum, we have a catagory just for trip planning. Let's use that next time and everyone else can wonder what we are doing instead of joining in on the fun.


And why complain? Just don't click :ph34r:


Can't wait to hook up with you tomorrow!!!!!!

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We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure more will follow from the weary crew who are enroute home after a fabulous day of caching and the best event ever!!! Thanks to the ACD crew for coming and thanks to Cent5 for making it happen. Thanks to Moun10bike and Globalgirl, Cent5 and the crew for presents!!!! :D:laughing:

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Blissfully bleary-eyed here, after the ACD gang's 36 hour geoblitz (surely gives the "D" a whole new meaning!) to join our AK friends up north in the land of (presently) PLD (Precious Little Daylight), a.k.a. "The Land of Crunch, Crunch, Crunch". Yes indeed, little more than 5 hours of daylight, merrily did we crunch our way through many a mile of snow-crusted woodland fields (much of them in the dark of night!).




Sorry if the smiles should offend anyone who happens to drop in here - we truly did have a most dreadful time... :wub:

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Absolutely marvelous adventure. Work was a little tough today, since I am still not caught up on sleep after going 22 hours without it, but when I got home a pleasant surprise was in my inbox, White Jeep "Linda" had dropped out of the sky into a TB cache near the airport. I've had this thing on my watch list ever since they put these out in 2005, and it's been wandering around the midwest, so now it's going to keep me company for a while!


Cheers everyone!

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