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Florida is gaining another caching team

Bear and Ting

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Hi folks, just wanted to stop and introduce ourselves. We are Bear and Ting and we will be moving down to the Tampa Florida area soon from Indiana(polis). We have over 300 finds, which is not alot any more, but we've been busy with other things like work and schooling. In any case, I (Bear) will be down sooner (Dec, as I am starting a new job) and scouting housing and the area for when Ting comes down in March.


I'd love to hook up with a local organization or some cachers to learn the area better, perhaps get tips on good neighborhoods, eateries and such while cache hunting. Drop me a line through here.


Much thanks,


Bear (Jim) and Ting (Teresa)

Indianapolis (for only a short time).

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Avast Ya scurvy Landlubbers... welcome to the Bay area!!! I'd be happy to give some info for the area...go to my profile and give me some of your likes and dislikes of entertainment,food, so on and so forth...I'll see what I can drag up from davey jones locker!!! As far as caching...what kind do you prefer...hiking trails for ammo cans and such or urban micros for easy numbers??? we havem both!! and some sick puzzle caches too ( in my opinon) from some of our local cachers like Kipkay,Sneak Snakes, Rayiam just to name a few..

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