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  1. The Guidelines from Groundspeak Do Not Allow us to have "Multiple Items' FOR SALE. There seems to be NO Consideration to whether we are Making a Profit or Simply Offering a Needed Product, Information,and Service to those Seeking to "Go Paperless". These are the Guidelines that "Big Brother" as Set, so we will work to stay Inside those Guidelines! Cache on my Friends! I don't see anywhere that mentions "multiple items", and have taken it up with the appeals board. As stated above, we (at least I) don't make any profit on this. I am into a 4-figure deficit not including my time and labor in providing inexpensive PDAs. I I'd like to add that part of get more up to speed with paperless caching usually includes Pocket Queries, pushing new cachers towards purchasing a Premium. But hey, if they think we are horning in on their profits, please cancel my account, I'll spend my time fishing instead. I'd suggest that anyone that has, or would like to, work with any of us that have offered PDAs and/or setup assistance in getting started in paperless caching, PLEASE let geocaching.com know. I feel that we improve the hobby, and unless geocaching.com is all about generating income for the sites owner's and not improving the experience they will allow us to continue. Oh, and as long as I have an account, don't hesitate to contact me with any paperless caching "how-to" questions, I still happily answer them. Cheers, TheBattons
  2. TheBattons, Scott, & VENTUREMAN7/ "A" TEAM" listings all deemed "commercial" and thus not allowed here.
  3. For clarity's sake, you are asking $40 for $40 in gift certificates that can only be used for eBay via PayPal? What is the incentive?
  4. You'll not find a more reliable multitool, IMHO, than a Leatherman. I've carried most mainstream brands, and these are my favorites, particularly the Leatherman Wave. Alas, like GPSs, everyone has a favorite, and some folks swear by other brands as "THE BEST". I've dealt with Leatherman's warranty service, and they are fast, efficient, and seem to fix ANY abuse you deal out on the tools, at zero cost, other than shipping to the plant. Best of all, American Made, nothing imported, as far as I am aware. AS far as prices go, the site listed doesn't have the best. WalMart carries most of the line, and no added expense of shipping. Plus you can put your hands on them to get a feel for each model. Makes me want to go out and buy another....*sigh* Cheers!
  5. Yeah, that's my problem too, broken base connector....thanks though...
  6. A Pocket PC with a GPS add-on unit would do this. Or better still, a Garmin Ique. I put together a Dell Axim with a Bluetooth GPS module. It works great for driving directions, but I've not used it for geocaching yet, so I couldn't vouch for the level of accuracy it provides... Cheers, TheBattons
  7. Sorry, it's spoken for, pending payment arrival.
  8. Does your x30 have bluetooth? I have an x30 I use with a bluetooth GPS receiver and get excellent results out of it. (I picked up the GPS unit off eBay for $30) I also have the cable you mentioned (not for sale, sorry), that I picked up from this here http://www.pc-mobile.net/ax3.htm You'll need an attachment for the cable specific to your GPS though, so be sure to get the correct one. Cheers!
  9. Did I mention if comes with a 30 day warranty for all functionality?
  10. If you are using image files, why not get a hand held picture viewer? New ones can be found about everywhere (right now). A Palm Z22 (among many other Palm OS-based options) would work well for image viewing. Also, ANY Pocket PC would allow you to view image files, they are Windows-based operating systems, and have image viewing built right in. I'd suggest one that offers some form of expansion card to allow you to carry additional info/images.
  11. So place some there! To paraphrase a movie line, "If you place them, they will come!" Seriously though, you'll first need to decide what program you want to use, then check that program's hardware/ software requirements. For example, the BackCountry Navigator website states: === System Requirements: The following are the current requirements to run the BackCountry Navigator Software. * Pocket PC Device running Pocket PC 2002. * Aproximately 4 Megabytes of file storage for the program files. * Approximately 10 Megabytes of Program Memory free when running. Most Pocket PC devices purchased anytime in the last few years will easily meet these requirements. BackCountry Navigator runs in the .NET Compact Framework, giving you a maximum of stability and consistency across Windows Mobile Platforms. === These requirements are extremely modest, but the requirements will be different for each piece of software. Thus your first step should be to decide what software to use, then you'll have a better idea of your options and purchasing requirements. Cheers!
  12. I am unaware of a USB cradle for the IIIxe. You will probably have much better luck getting a serial to USB adapter instead. I've had fair results using them to connect serial cradles to USB ports. I've found them on eBay for under $10 occasionally... TheBattons
  13. I have been sitting on 3 or 4 dozen PDAs without making any effort to get them fixed up, been too busy! I've squeezed out a little more time, at least enough to get a Zire M150 all checked out. It has 2 megs of RAM- enough for over a thousand caches in memory, depending on how much info you include in your logs. The CPU is a 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball processor, and it runs Palm OS 4.1.x Includes a stylus, USB sync/charging cable, and a flip cover. Price is $20 shipped to ConUS, $22 to AK,HI. Sorry, no time to ship to Canada currently. I accept gladly PayPal. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.... TheBattons
  14. Watch out on the M500 series (500,505,515), as they are prone to static electricity damage to the motherboard. When they are working they are pretty nice units though. For you Vista folks, try using a serial adapter. The older Palm USB drivers are not supported by Vista, and there is currently no plans on making them work together (forcing you to upgrade PDAs, the buggers!). If you can connect via a serial adapter, you may be able to eliminate the problems in Vista. Unfortunately, this is not a 100% fix, just an option to try. As to backlights, they are not universal, some of the more basic PDAs (Zire M150 for example) do not offer a backlight. Check the manufacturers documentation (available online) to check. The software in question is the Desktop software, and yes, teh latest is almost always the best to get, so don't fret if a PDA does not include the software. Cheers, TheBattons
  15. If you need a backlight, go with a Handspring Visor, the M150 does not have a backlight. Again, be sure it comes with the USB cradle not the serial one. No idea on the oldest color model...but you pay a premium for color, so if you are strapped, pass on it, not worth the extra you'd pay. It also decreases battery life. A Treo 90 would also work, and typically comes with a nice flip cover to protect your screen. It would also be in your price range, if you could find one. They are a lot less common than the Visor series. There are lots of other PDAs that may fit the bill, but there are price or reliability issues with most others, so this is all I'd suggest targeting.
  16. The Zire M150 would fit your criteria perfectly. I should hold well over a thousand caches, has USB, and should be found for $20-ish shipped. The Visor line also offer USB connectivity, and can be found in the same price range, just be sure to verify that the cradle is USB, as there are also serial cradles for the same models. Keep in mind CacheMate is another $8 though... Cheers!
  17. First, let me apologize, as I'm not a Magellan follower, but if you can get a GPS to PDA cable that fits a pocket PC and your Magellan, then just add software, and you've got what you need...but with Christmas sales on, you'll probably be able to find an automotive unit that would double as a geocaching unit. If geocaching accuracy is more important than bells and whistles (or you really like your GPS and just want to add on to what you already have) go with a PDA. GPS, and cable combo. I use mt Garmin 60C hooked to a Dell Axim, and it works great, we (the routing software & I) only argue in regards to shortcuts that work due to local traffic, otherwise, its been dead on. If You want a one-unit-fits-all-needs and geocaching accuracy isn't THAT important, go with an automotive GPS, you can get a pretty decent unit for under $200 right now... Hope that helps...
  18. BTW, the first PC I bought years ago with comparable specs weighed over 60 pounds, and cost me almost $2000 when it was cutting edge. I love technological advancements!
  19. Yes, a Zire 31 is a Palm-based PDA running Palm OS 5.2.8, and has 16 megs of memory. It has a color screen, and syncs via a USB connection. It also has MP3 capability. A good write up on specs can be found here Cheers!
  20. Agreed...I sold 3 Vx's at $10 each a while back... $50 should get you a color Palm like a Zire 31 or such... OK Battons; (Your Talk is Cheap!!) $10.00 For a Palm Vx , in Very Good Condition, W/ Serial Cable, Charger, Screen cover, setup for Cachemate, with Updates Installed. How many can you Sell me at that Price? And how "Hot" are they? I'll keep the antagonism to PMs. I'll keep price opinions in the open, its a free market.
  21. Agreed...I sold 3 Vx's at $10 each a while back... $50 should get you a color Palm like a Zire 31 or such...
  22. Last bump, off to eBay if I get no bites by Saturday!
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