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Thanks from Down Under

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G'day. We've been back home in Melbourne now for about two weeks, and have just about caught up with domestic chores, mail and so on. We'd like to convey our thanks to all those cachers in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, and several other States, whose caches we found during our three-month stay there. We found the Pacific Northwest counryside to be beautiful and so green after leaving our drought-stricken State Victoria; Alaska was spectacular with it's mountains, lakes and glaciers, while the Wyoming and Montana scenery was amazing in its own way, with the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone standing out in our memory. We were away from home for three months, and stayed with our daughter and son-in-law (Slider & Smurf, who are living in Seattle until they return to Australia) when we weren't off touring the sights of western United States and Canada. We enjoyed meeting quite a few teams while we were there, and exchanged emails with a few more. Our first granddaughter was born in Seattle on September 2nd, so we have a great incentive to return while they are still in there (until late 2007 on present indications). We already have a few caches that we started, but didn't get time to finish, on our to-do list if we do return. In all, we managed 319 caches in Washington, 36 in Canada, 21 in Oregon, 17 in Alaska and 29 in several other States during our various tours. We were also lucky enough to visit Groundspeak HQ and go to the site of the original Dave Ulmer cache near Portland. We've fathomed the mysteries of Altoids tins and bison tubes (and brought a few back home with us to inflict upon the locals), survived driving on the right hand side of the road and attended a night baseball game. We hope that any of you who ever visit our country enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed visiting yours. Thanks again for helping to make our visit so memorable.


David & Mary


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