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  1. I edited my log, resubmitted, and the souvenir appeared.
  2. Extremely disappointing! Makes it much harder to plan a long trip in a logical sequence, so more bactracking, more fuel usage etc etc . Please reconsider, Groundspeak. Even knowing stage locations and their order would be a big help.
  3. We've been caching for nearly 15 years now, and still prefer the old search function. Have now bookmarked the link to it. Please keep it going.
  4. BTDTGTTS Deleting the spoiler log (or other inappropriate log) is a very blunt instrument for communicating with new geocachers. Precisely! That's why a valid email address would help, by allowing email contact.
  5. I also agree that a validated email address for each user would go a long way to reducing the incidence of the problems described in this thread. Geocaching.com is the only site, of many that I am familiar with, that does not require a validated email address. However, there would be another benefit as well. I have seen a couple of examples on our caches where a finder's log indicated a beginner's inexperience or misunderstanding, (such as inadvertently giving away spoiler information) and wanted to contact them with advice. This proved impossible when the user had no email address available.
  6. I have found Bookmark Lists to be very useful and, for some Challenge caches, a necessity. GSAK has a couple of useful macros to aid in Bookmark List construction, but none can add details to the Comments field, apparently because access to the Comments field is not presently provided in the API. Cutting and pasting the same comment to each entry in a longer Bookmark List can take several hours, so I would like to request consideration be given to providing Bookmark List Comments access in the API.
  7. If the geocaches you downloaded are far from your current location (50 miles? 100 miles? I'm not sure what the limit is), they won't show in the list of caches. Try searching by name and see if you find them then. --Larry The name search won't work either if the cache(s) are more than about 100 miles away. In that situation, you need to do a "Search Near" (probably a map point) to have them show up in the list.
  8. Trying to figure out how the various trackables shown on 'My Inventory' are sorted. It's not alphabetical and it's not chronological. Can anyone please shed light on this? I'd like to see the entries sorted either alphabetically or in order they came into 'My Inventory'. Ideally, there would be a 'My Account Preferences' setting to choose between those options.
  9. maccamob

    Many Thanks

    Our thanks to all our Bellevue/Seattle caching friends, and those whose caches helped to make our third (and, sadly, probably our final) visit so enjoyable. Our Seattle family will be returning to Australia at the end of the year. They'll be a lot closer to us now, but the down side is we no longer have that excuse to come to Seattle. Still, we made the most of our time when we did come, and visited many other States (and a few Canadian Provinces as well), and took in most of the major tourist National Parks along the way. We'd particularly like to thank the cachers whose caches we found most often: Albert&friends, poodleranch, FrodoB, lahontan, lucyandrickie, Seth!, hydnsek, dsvaughn, FilmFans, MarcusArelius, paul2tele and Puppers. We managed just over 600 WA caches for our three visits, more than 760 for the US in total, and a further 58 in Canada. Even better, though, was how much we enjoyed meeting so many local cachers either at caches, at Crossroads, at Red Hook, at Groundspeak HQ, and at the 2007 GeoLuau. Hope some of you can make the trip to our part of the world one day - it's really not that far away, and there are plenty of caches here to keep you occupied. Cheers, David & Mary
  10. David & Mary had a great time too. We really enjoyed meeting everyone, both old friends and new. Our thanks also to Abby for making it all happen.
  11. David & Mary are proud to announce to our caching friends around Seattle the safe arrival of our new grandson. Ewan James was born to Slider & Smurf at Bellevue at 1210 on 29th June 2008. An 8lb 13oz and 20" brother, and future caching companion, for Isobel (Glowbug). All doing very well, including the grandparents.
  12. G'day to our caching friends in Bellevue and Seattle. We're back for our third visit to this lovely corner of the world. Our second grandchild is due to arrive next week, which is the main reason for our visit this year. We're still finding time to chase down a few caches though, and hope to pass our next major milestone while we're here. We'd also like to meet any of you who can get over to Crossroads Mall (Bellevue) again. As a start, we suggest this Friday, 20th, at 6:00pm in the outdoor courtyard near Starbucks, not far from the Crossroads Cache . Hope to see you there. David & Mary maccamob Melbourne, Australia
  13. maccamob


    Speaking only for ourselves, we'll still be around then. Hope you can make it.
  14. maccamob


    We'll be off in far-away Virginia on the first of our tours - sorry! That sounds great. We'll be back from the East on August 5th, and we'll then be around until August 24th. Crossroads is just down the road.
  15. maccamob


    G'day from a couple of visitors from Melbourne, Australia. We had a great holiday here last year in the beautiful green Pacific Northwest. We're staying with our daughter and son-in-law (Slider & Smurf) and our granddaughter (Glowbug) in Bellevue. Getting to know Glowbug as she approaches her 1st birthday is delightful, and we're happy to forego some caching time in the process. We're still getting out to find a few, though, and remembering so many of the hiders from our previous visit. We have a couple of coach tours scheduled along the way, but will have most of August here to explore the area further. We'd like to thank the local cachers now for the enjoyment we've had so far, and in advance for the fun yet to come. Oh, and if any of you have any geocoins or smaller TBs that need to travel to Australia, we'd be happy to offer them a lift when we return early in September. Cheers, David & Mary maccamob
  16. Yes. I'm still showing an Event from June 11 that has now been archived, and another from last weekend. Both have been logged as attended.
  17. G'day. We've been back home in Melbourne now for about two weeks, and have just about caught up with domestic chores, mail and so on. We'd like to convey our thanks to all those cachers in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, and several other States, whose caches we found during our three-month stay there. We found the Pacific Northwest counryside to be beautiful and so green after leaving our drought-stricken State Victoria; Alaska was spectacular with it's mountains, lakes and glaciers, while the Wyoming and Montana scenery was amazing in its own way, with the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone standing out in our memory. We were away from home for three months, and stayed with our daughter and son-in-law (Slider & Smurf, who are living in Seattle until they return to Australia) when we weren't off touring the sights of western United States and Canada. We enjoyed meeting quite a few teams while we were there, and exchanged emails with a few more. Our first granddaughter was born in Seattle on September 2nd, so we have a great incentive to return while they are still in there (until late 2007 on present indications). We already have a few caches that we started, but didn't get time to finish, on our to-do list if we do return. In all, we managed 319 caches in Washington, 36 in Canada, 21 in Oregon, 17 in Alaska and 29 in several other States during our various tours. We were also lucky enough to visit Groundspeak HQ and go to the site of the original Dave Ulmer cache near Portland. We've fathomed the mysteries of Altoids tins and bison tubes (and brought a few back home with us to inflict upon the locals), survived driving on the right hand side of the road and attended a night baseball game. We hope that any of you who ever visit our country enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed visiting yours. Thanks again for helping to make our visit so memorable. Cheers, David & Mary maccamob
  18. We're in too, but we also have a vested interest. Our 'Plato Platypus' TB was collected from the Seaside Beach cache in Oregon on July 1st, 2004. His 'captors' haven't been near geocaching.com since July 4th 2004 and haven't responded to emails. We'd be grateful for any assistance the League can offer.
  19. He's been a hot topic on one of the Aussie forums too. His local logs have since been deleted. As one of our Aussie cachers remarked, he would need a private jet to move around like he expects us to believe. [This message was edited by maccamob on September 07, 2003 at 11:03 PM.]
  20. It's not just ACT, either. None of the Australian state searches work at present. Search for caches in any state and you get all Australia. The same seems to apply to USA state searches. Pick any state but you get all USA ... [This message was edited by maccamob on July 22, 2003 at 03:17 AM.]
  21. quote: Originally posted by Jeremy:The exact date would still be wrong. I don't see why the date would be wrong. When we are a day ahead here in Australia, we have to amend the default 'today' date when we log a find to show our actual date. That amended date is the one that used to show on the listings before. It worked fine then, and should still work now. It's much easier to read a complete date against a cache in a listing than having to open the cache page (or several cache pages) to find the actual date(s) when the listing only says x months ago. [This message was edited by maccamob on July 03, 2003 at 07:36 AM.]
  22. We'd have to agree with Slider & Smurf about SA being a great place to cache. Our favourite caches all seem to be there. Top favourite would probably go to Piggy's "All the King's Horses, All the King's ???", with second a toss-up between Freddo's "Lleyton's Gates" (we enjoyed having to work out a coord problem first) and Biggles Bear's "The Fugitive" (another coord problem to work out, and it starts in Melbourne , finishes in Adelaide). We haven't done "Half a Carton" (yet), so maybe we need to reserve a spot for it. Honorary mentions go to a couple of muzza caches in Melbourne - "PPP" and "CCC". Hmmm, a pattern emerges here - they're all multis! We also agree with S & S about all Alex's caches, but for us "Lamb or Veale" rates special mention because of the research and preparation which must have gone into preparing the container.
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