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How many TB's have you seen at a Event?


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I recently went to my first GeoEvent, and had a great time. I added my GeoCoin to the list of bugs that were there, then put the coin back into my pocket. Only one or two people saw it. They got copies of the list and just logged the numbers of everything that was there.


It was logged by 4 different people who never even looked at the coin. (Ironically, the two folks I showed it to didn't log it at all.)


It was nice of the man who put together the event, but I don't know about this practice. It seems like cheating. Now if you talk to someone, and they SHOW you the coin, and you get the number because you met someone and they want to share with you, that is a different story. I just didn't like to concept of the list.


I guess I just wanted to voice my opinion. I didn't take a copy of the list. Next time I won't add my stuff to the list. That way I can play my way, and others can play their way. Just my worthless two cents.

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I ran the TB station at GW4 along with MaxB and many other volunteers.


We ran about 3,200 actual travelers through the event, from my estimation of how many drawing tickets I handed out.


I devised a coding system for the TBs to help as many as possible TOWARD their goals instead of passing them out willy-nilly. It was a great success. :laughing:;)


The TB trade directions are posted on the GW4 page and also in a TB forum thread if you are interested in trying to help the bugs headed to your event. ;)

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