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  1. Don't charge for your car wash. Offer to do it for donations. Some folks like to feel good and help out. They'll chuck $20 into the till. Some people will just donate as they drive by. We did a car wash in the rain one time and still raised $400! Bikinis help too! Boy scouts have moms, right!?!?
  2. Vacuum cleaners make little babies stop crying. It's amazing! They even make CD's of the sound of a vacuum cleaner (look here!) and get THIS BOOK! We didn't believe this stuff works, but I swear that it does! It will be the best money you ever spend!!! Congrats on your new geo-baby! Enjoy every minute! It does so fast!!!!
  3. I live in Florida, where the mosquitoes show up on radar. I often leave those pre-packaged deet wipes. Those seem very popular. One thing though... when you use those wipes and touch your GPS, it will get all gummy. I have no idea why. As for taking froma cache, I am a sucker for anything that glows in the dark. I never found a micro cache set in a cache, but if I did, I would flip. For some reason, those little bendy guys seem to always go home with me. I have left caribiners, but they just seem to sit there and do nothing but rot. My single most favorite thing to leave is a new $1 whoopie cushion. You just can't not smile at a whoopie cushion!
  4. Hey all, I just got a few Evil Micro 2007 geocoins from GeoSwag. I was going to e-place them. But, they seem to be not-so-popular. Does anyone want to do a trade? Just coin for coin? I send you one, you send me one? Email me at dave@pritchphoto.com to let me know if you are interested. If you scroll down, you can see a picture of it here... http://shop.geoswag.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/
  5. Hey all, I have a brand-new, still in box vehicle mount for an explorist XL. $20 and the actual shipping cost gets it to your door. I got two for Christmas, and the company that sold this one to my sister won't take it back. If interested, let me know. Osoling
  6. I have a Liar's cache out there somewhere. I have gotten a great response with it. I did not, however, say that you need special equipment. I even included some hints on the page that it's all a big lie. I live in Florida, and there is the warning for falling rocks. There isn't a rock over 2 feet off the ground for 500 miles! I have emailed some of the people who have found the cache, and they have told me that they were delighted with the cache, and it was one of their favorites. You should see the logs that i have gotten, though! That's just rude to make people buy stuff. That's not about fun, that's about sticking it to folks. I am sorry to hear about that.
  7. Mine wants to go to Gbongan, Nigeria. That is 5500 miles away from my house, and 335 miles away from the nearest cache. I hope it's happy kicking around Tampa for a little while!
  8. I would love a cache like that. It would give me something to do while the wife was agonizing over which olive oil is the best value. It's all in the write-up. Be honest about what it is, then let us decide. I appreciate your sentiment, though. Lame caches are lame when the hiders don't proclaim the lameness. Full disclosure, baby! I see this turned into a flame war. That's too bad. Go get some marshmellows and make smores by the fire. It's a game. Don't take it too seriously. If someone needs something to get angry over, read this instead of fighting over geocaching. Peace, love and caches. D
  9. I would like to nominate Palmetto, who is a wonderful person and approves (or denies) caches in just a few hours. I think she is always online!!!
  10. Man, I thouht the exact same thing when I saw that commercial! I said to myself, "So THAT'S what I look like before I start walking around in circles."
  11. This says it all. Any parent that doesn't monitor a kid's internet usage in today's society is just foolish. I am a teacher, and I have seen it all. You wouldn't believe what students (even the 14 year olds) post on MySpace. I don't want to even write it down. If you are a parent, the only way is to keep your child safe is to know their passwords and check on what they are doing. Don't lie to them. Tell them that you are going to do it. If they change their password, revoke their internet privledges. That way they know not to do anything dumb. The goal, afterall, is not to catch them doing bad things, but to prevent them from doing bad things. To do so, we must be active parents. Even then, the internet is a scary place. Oh. I am a parent too. When my daughter wants to use the internet (she's too little now) then I will absolutely practice what I preach. //stepping off of soapbox now.
  12. I recently went to my first GeoEvent, and had a great time. I added my GeoCoin to the list of bugs that were there, then put the coin back into my pocket. Only one or two people saw it. They got copies of the list and just logged the numbers of everything that was there. It was logged by 4 different people who never even looked at the coin. (Ironically, the two folks I showed it to didn't log it at all.) It was nice of the man who put together the event, but I don't know about this practice. It seems like cheating. Now if you talk to someone, and they SHOW you the coin, and you get the number because you met someone and they want to share with you, that is a different story. I just didn't like to concept of the list. I guess I just wanted to voice my opinion. I didn't take a copy of the list. Next time I won't add my stuff to the list. That way I can play my way, and others can play their way. Just my worthless two cents.
  13. There are a few caches around my area that state "During Business Hours Only." I think that if you state that in the comments, and there is no fee, you are good to go. If a person can't go during those hours, then they can just skip the cache.
  14. Man, I would break my leg to get to a cache first if I knew it had an unused TB in it. I'd get up in the middle of the night. That is a GREAT idea!!!
  15. I got lucky. I submitted it at 7:30, and it got published at 8:30. Go Palmetto!!!
  16. I have a shoulder bag that was swag at some lame conference that my wife went to. Bug wipes, the PDA, extra batteries, a flashlight, more bug wipes (it's Florida after all) and trade items, including but not limited to a glow-in-the-dark alien. I grab that badboy and go!
  17. If this is the same one I got an email about this morning, it worked after a delete and reinstall of CacheMate. One of the databases or preferences records may have become corrupted somehow, but that cleans things out. If you are Brian, than this is indeed the same guy, and he is right. Deleting and reinstalling the software worked perfectly. And for the record, Customer Service was awesome, and responded quickly. I knew I was happy with the program before, but now even more so. Buy it just because the folks are great!!!
  18. SO I was caching last night, and CacheMate went Kaput. When I tried to open it on the PDA (A Palm i705) the said "Fatal Exception" and offered me the option of Reset. Has anyone run into this problem? Any advise on a solution? Awaiting anxiously!!! Osoling
  19. THarvey, I know exactly what you mean, and even agree with you. My very poilte advice is this though. Geocaching is a very wide open game that different people play different ways. Everyone has a different expectation from the game. So while we share the same idea of the ideal game, not everyone will. Expecting everyone to have the same concept of the ideal cache is just going to be an exercise in frustration, and we don't want that to spoil our fun. So just remember, the perfect cache will be described 20 different ways by 15 different people. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment. And if you can't find it, remember that sometimes it's the looking, not the finding. Best, Osoling
  20. THanks! I had not seen that glossary before!!!
  21. Marine Expeditionary Future Force? Not sure haven't seen that one before. Can you elaborate? Where did you see it? what was the context? If in a log or post, can you quote it here? I see it in logs for caches, usually associated with FTF's. Here is an example... February 1 by kcart (663 found) So, pazooters ... will you be picking me up to go find this cache anytime soon? At least we know neither Tex nor the 'sleuths will be chasin' the MEFF on this one. Then again, there's always that pesky Aqualink. ©¿©¬ And another... July 25 by sleepysleuths (1493 found) Went on a spur of the moment, night-caching escapade with the Pazooters! Always a good time, even better snagging an MEFF with them. TFTH SL
  22. I looked in all the glossaries, but I just can't find it. Any help?
  23. I use Cache Mate on my PDA, and sometimes refer to the past logs when I get stuck. Nothing is more frustrating when on a run than reading the same usless post on like 11 different caches. It drives me nuts. Part of the game that I like (although I am really new) is deciphering the timy little clues that people put into things. The cut and paste is worse than counter-productive. I agree with the folks who say that the story of the log is a bog deal. I love reading creative log entries!
  24. Great response! I downloaded that CacheMate to the PDA, and it works great. Once I get a few finds under my belt, I will grab a month or two of the premium service and download like a madman. $8 for the ease of use seems like a fair deal. I'll do that too, but I have to wait a little bit until a new credit card bill cycles. Not that it's a lot of money. I just have a lot of hobbies. My wife is a saint. So thanks huge for the help. That was exactly what I was looking for. O
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