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Category Idea - "Sit-by-me"Sculptures

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This might be a totally dumb idea but I have seen a few of these in my travels and while in Lincoln, NE, I saw another and it came to mind as a possible category. The sculptures I am suggesting are those that have the sculpted (is that a word?) person is sitting on a bench with space for some one to sit next to them. This would not include the Ronald McDonald benches. An example is below with my daughter doing the sitting.



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BruceS Posted Today, 05:42 PM

This might be a totally dumb idea but ......

Not at all ----- I have come across a few of them and I am sure others have too. Go for it.. Sounds good to me.




Here is a photo of a bench in front of a restaurant, in Kailua-Kona Hawai`i, with "Bubba Gumps" suitcase and a pair of boots on the floor, that customers usually slip their feet into to pose for a picture.

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This sounds like a fun category. People could really ham it up in their pictures.


Here's my husband at the cache "Everyday People" in AZ (the little girl is reading Lassie to her dog, All41 read what was there out loud to me). It had sculptures similar to this on all four corners of an intersection behind a store where you would never see it:



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Can't wait for this one. I've actually seen a few of these, and funny enough, was thinking about them today !


What a great category. I'll be watching for this one to come up. The nearest one to me ( that I know of ) is 45 minutes away, but I'll make the trip just for the pic.


Please make an equally cool icon to go with it.

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Could you expand the category to include "Stand-by-me Statues?" They are the same type as the seated statues but standing. They are meant for taking photos with person or persons or pets or whatever. Great example would be the man with the sachel in front of Union Station in Tacoma, Washington.

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Yay, happy to see this one up! All41 submitted the one I posted a pic of earlier.


I love this category, I only wish that I'd been collecting some of the ones that I have seen over time in my travels. I'll have to start eying some of the cool ones in my town. :laughing: I know that there will be a lot of cool pictures to check out as more people log these, thanks! ;)


I'm waiting for someone to waymark all the sculptures at the Crystal Cathedral. I have a pic of myself with one of them, but I'm afraid that my coords not exactly on so I'll have to wait for someone else to make a waymark out of it so then I can log it! :laughing::laughing:



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Gotta say that I agree with Amby. This is, in my limited opinion that I share freely and often with anyone that is willing or not-so-willing to read or listen to, one of the best new categories to come along.


:laughing: The Blue Quasar


Thank you to all for the favorable comments. This goes to show that even if a person thinks their idea for a category might be dumb, it may be well received (see my first post to start this thread).


For those that expressed concerns on some of the restrictions listed when the category was in peer review, we listened, please read the new description.

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