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Anamorphosis Street Art

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The Category is now Live.



Peer review results:

46 votes 33 Approvals, 7 denials & 6 abstains


Most all the denials were about permenence and I wish to assure you that indeed this category is about permanent street art. One denial mentioned that it seemed to be only a West Coast vs East Coast thing. Actually these are are all over ( Even on some streets not just sidewalks but the majority do appear to be all over Europe.

The abstaints mentioned that they did not think that this was a big enough Category. So to address that I wish to let everyone know that just the one Artist featured on the Category page has created over 150 art pieces of anamorphosis Art. The links are only a few that are out there just to intice someone to find them; but certainly he is not the only artist.

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I recall reading the article about that artist last year. He uses only chalk IIRC, and didnt WANT any of it to be permanent. Again, this was last year, so, who knows what he is up to now.

I am not an art fan, but, I have to say, the things he creates are amazing. It was a new concept, and I can definitely appreciate that.

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I think ephemeral art of any sort is exciting. Think Navajo sand paintings.

I don't even see anything wrong with semi-permanent waymarks--although I know some people disagree. I just think that some of those 3_D things are so cool I hope that at least some of them are meant to last.

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