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  1. I think it definitely applies in the Citizen memorial category. While I might not think that this was a disaster, some do. It was definitely a tragedy. Classifying a disaster is sort of subjective IMHO. It would probably be approved in the disaster memorial category as well.
  2. I joined. I have an older iphone 6, so I can try it for you on that one if you don't require the newest OS. I am stuck on IOS 12.X.
  3. Thanks. Just something to add to the bug tracker ( I hope).
  4. I am an officer in the Barber Poles category. It is not showing up on the My Categories list or the Groups I Manage list. Category: https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=f58bc448-98a9-4c01-a39d-7af0dbb03885&gid=6&exp=True Managing Group: https://www.Waymarking.com/groups/details.aspx?f=1&guid=f93184dc-253a-4fcb-baeb-b75d5b2db771&gid=6 There may be more categories like this. At least the "triangular !" icon shows up next to my categories when there is one to review.
  5. I just read of a vending machine at a flower shop where you could get flowers during non normal hours. I don't think this would apply to the category however.
  6. I've been here from almost the beginning, but I guess I don't remember noticing it before. One of the mysteries.
  7. The last visited field which is displayed next to a waymark when displaying search results is not displaying the correct date. It is displaying the most recent entered visit date. The date could be older than the more recent visit date.
  8. Hello all, Is there any desire to make a category for Static Trolleys / Streetcars? I don't think they will be accepted in the static train car category as it is not a train car. These may be very rare, but I just wanted to throw the idea out there. I know the location of one for sure. Similarly, street car depots / trolley depots are not accepted in the train station / depots category. The trolley I know of is a static trolley located permanently under a former trolley station. Thanks, ggmorton
  9. Probably should be something in there about the location should normally be expecting the public to visit. And I mean a fancy, private house with an elaborate door handle would never expect the public to normally visit their house on a regular basis. Those should be excluded. All public buildings and private buildings which normally have public tours on a regular basis would be acceptable to me.
  10. Thanks. I seem to remember the coordinates below the picture and then a marker on the map. I used it so rarely, that I'm not sure I would be able to find one that I have previously entered.
  11. I thought this used to work. Maybe I am misremembering. When uploading an image to a waymark, I selected the check box for a waypoint. I added the info and uploaded the image. After that the waypoint information I entered is not visible anywhere. Am I doing it wrong?
  12. This one appears to be a non user category, but it has no sub-categories (where the waymarks go) defined.
  13. If you are talking about Chain Parmacies, then I didn't know it didn't pass peer review. I saw it in the category grid. Submitted a waymark, and it got approved. I'm sorry if I contributed to the mess.
  14. I have no problem with your proposed changes. Some changes I feel need a delay before implementation, but these changes don't seem too burdensome to me. They might create more work, but I think anyone creating a waymark should be able to find out that information from their own photos or a brief internet search.
  15. Category changes can seem unfair if you have a lot of photos you took for a category and the rules changed before you could get them posted. It's best to let the community know a change is coming and when it will go into effect. A 3 month delay in implementation of the change in category requirements after alerting the community seems fair. Otherwise, it is being unfair in my honest opinion.
  16. Yes, I'm thinking the same thing, but I didn't see that spelled out anywhere as a Premium Member feature in the feature list. The FAQ didn't mention anything about it either.
  17. I have that part down. I can't seem to find out how to add a category to someone else's uncategorized waymark. Attached is what I see when I go to an uncategorized waymark. Where is the Assign Category button?
  18. I will add to this old topic as I have the same question. I see this answer in the FAQ: "How do I categorize an uncategorized waymark?First, view the uncategorized waymark's details and click the Assign Category to this waymark link at the top of the page. On the edit page choose the appropriate category from the dropdown menu and press the Select Category button. Assigning the category will insert category-specific questions for you to answer at the bottom of the edit page. Once these are filled in you can submit the new waymark and await Group review." How do I create an assisted waymark? I go to the newest uncategorized waymarks. I click on one that looks promising. I see no Assign Category button / link at the top.
  19. Great! It works. Thanks! I can't remember if this was a problem for me back in the early days of Waymarking.
  20. If I am editing the waymark and add a private message, I have to click save and continue at the bottom, but it doesn't go to the next tab at the top.
  21. I have a waymark that I am editing before submittal and it always deletes what I had entered in the Private Message field. Once I save and go back, it is gone. I have no way of knowing if it is being deleted and never seen by the waymark reviewers.
  22. Hello, I've been a premium member in the past and added some categories to my ignore list. Now that I am a basic member, is there a way to un-ignore a category? I can't seem to find that functionality. Thanks!
  23. I created an uncategorized waymark. One not assigned to a category. Before it was submitted, I could not find a way to archive it. I thought it might be able to be archived once it was submitted. I still don't see a way to archive it or delete it.
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