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Public Carniverous Plant Collections Subcategory Of Nature

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TerryDad2 Posted Jul 19 2006, 08:13 PM

A public carniverous plant collections subcategory of Nature. A place where gardens cultivate carniverous plants for display or sale.

Wild populations could also be included but that runs the risk of collectors illegally harvesting them.

If they are not for sale and only "on display" why would people harvest them? :)

Maingray Posted Jul 20 2006, 05:02 AM

Yes, def. exclude those in the wild.

Why exclude "willd" ones? In our "Fen" we have a number of carniverous plants such as -Sundews - Pitcher Plants that are growing along the boardwalk for all to enjoy.

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I got help, but I still need one more.


Most people think they are delacate plants, but they aren't. These are unique plants that are found throughout the world, from tropical to sub-artic climates. I want to be able to show everyone else just how wide spread they are and how interesting they can be.

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