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I'll Be Back?

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Have we actually returned? :)


I think we have all found some great spots since participating in geocaching, and we probably put in the logs, "Ideal place for a picnic, will come back withe the family"


So where have you been so impressed with, you have returned?


I have done two spots that I return to on quite a regular basis, one is the Isle of Lundy and the other is called Shipley Bridge on the edge of Dartmoor. Both for their beauty and tranquility. B)

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I went back to Yarningdale Common with my wife and Beth the dog. It was such a good place for off lead dogs, lots of space. On the way back to the car Beth ran into a horse, was startled and made a lot of noise. The very capable rider was calm but understandably rather annoyed. We retreated tails between legs. I'll not be back.

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The Isle of Lundy is very scenic. I've been there once, before discovering caching so I'll certainly be back!


I've returned to Dorney a few times, where the Jubilee flood relief river flows through and the 'What a Relief' (GCKDV9) cache is located. It doesn't sound particularly attractive, being a flood relief channel, but its a nice stretch of water to walk or cycle alongside.

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Me too have returned to the Ice Palace on many a recent caching trip, a great discovery thanks to PopUpPirate

But I think that he means the walking bit when I mean the refreshment bit :anitongue:

:rolleyes: Funny you should say that. We have returned for refreshments to the Ice Palace a few times. :ph34r:

Yesterday we had to endure eating a 3 scoop chocolate waffle cone each in this awful weather :ph34r:

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