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  1. If you go to Start > Settings > System > System Info > Autolock > Enable, you can avoid accidental switch on in that you have to press the screen in two different places or it will shut down. You may find this takes a bit of practice to press both spots in 5 seconds.
  2. It sounds as if you are using the "battery cut off switch". It should be enough to turn it off with the front power button.
  3. I have one for my Acer, bought from Ebuyer a while ago. It works well enough in a wifi zone but its difficult to read vast tracts of information because of the screen size. Some sites have PDA specific options. Of course with the SD slot in use as wifi, it can't be used for SD storage. Brynric
  4. First its a worry that no-one will find it. Then the problem is, if too many find it its too easy. I always check the ones I've left. Does this say something of the carefree nature of the sport? Brynric
  5. I went back to Yarningdale Common with my wife and Beth the dog. It was such a good place for off lead dogs, lots of space. On the way back to the car Beth ran into a horse, was startled and made a lot of noise. The very capable rider was calm but understandably rather annoyed. We retreated tails between legs. I'll not be back.
  6. There are occasions I wouldn't have found a cache without Beth, having a focus whilst waiting for muggles to move on. Recently though she's been a bit hesitant when I've een getting ready. Is it the hot weather or is she reaching the teenage years?
  7. I use an Acer N35 which was available from Ebuyer on line and Comet across the counter. I've added BeelineGPS, GPXsonic and Fugawi maps which give me a fairly broad coverage. I had afriend who used Navman Pin 570 which seemed very similar.
  8. He did have a GPS, but he knew of a nearby cache and as he was on his way homeand he had 5 minutes to spare..... Come on, we've all done it.
  9. We've potterd in Oxford when visiting family. We really enjoyed a lunch at The Trout and the nearby caches, Trout Trek and Godstow Abbey[/i, Treacle well is also pretty close. Parking is difficult (impossible?) in the city but there seem to be a number of finds along the canal. Theres lots of easy walking.
  10. As usual a combination of factors is at work. I use Fugawi on a PDA and found it fiddly to use at first. However adding premium membership and GSAK and GPX Sonar means that lots of waypoints can be imported at the same time and the cache information read on the PDA It means that connection between the computer and hand held is at a minimum. I'm afraid I can't speak for how it works on an Etrex.
  11. I had spent most of my sporting life playing rugby. My wife couldn't join in. So along came golf, the dogs couldn't join in. Then along came a PDA with sat nav to help with car/caravan navigation. The next addition was Fugawi. The rest is obvious really. Its an odd sport that caters for the outward bound, families, techno-nuts, folk racing down a motorway from one meeting to the next and ex rugby players who would like to keep some of the weight off. I'm sure we all fit in there somewhere.
  12. I have an acer N35 and I use Fugawi mapping which is fine but difficult to load accurate coordinates in the field. Following a reference found in the forum (for which many thanks) I've also downloaded Beeline which is a more straightforward navigation tool. I've recently as well become a premium member and added paperless caches to the PDA. It has the capacity (with a 512 SD card ) to hold an awful lot of files and utilities. Now all I have to do is figure out how everything works. The battery life isnt briliant but if I have to have it running for 4 hours at a stretch I must be very lost indeed.
  13. I have an Acer N35 on which I run TomTom for road navigation and Fugawi for off-road. Buying this was the reason I decided ti try cacheing, not the other way round. So far I've found it fairly robust and pretty accurate but there are pitfalls. The battery life isn't brilliant. I tend to switch it on only at key moments on a long walk. The other problem is that my version of Fugawi (3) doesnt allow waypoints to be inserted manually. I have to use the PC or tap-the-map to put in a point so multi-caches are a little difficult..but still possible...just.
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